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DFS/GDP Posters and Process Maps






GDP Poster Journey of Goods Roadmap Equipment Lifecycle Roadmap Inventory & Warehouse Receiving/Issuing Goods Roadmap Recurring Equipment Events Roadmap Inter-Mission Transfer Roadmap




Inventory & Warehouse Create & Approve Reservation Cheat Sheet Inventory & Warehouse Goods Issue Cheat Sheet Inventory & Warehouse Warehouse Management Cheat Sheet Umoja Requisitioning Cheat Sheet Create and Approve Notifications Cheat Sheet Update and Assign Equipment Cheat Sheet




Log an Accident/Incident Report - Cheat Sheet Masterial Mater Request Process Map GDP Go-Live Poster GDP Go-Live Save-the-date Poster GDP Launch Poster  










DFS/ESS Poster 1 (Personal Information) DFS/ESS Poster 2 (Sick Leave) DFS/ESS Poster 3 (Real-time Reports) DFS/ESS Poster 4 (Maternity Leave) DFS/ESS Poster 5 (Dependents) DFS/ESS Poster 6 (Leave Requests)




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End-to-End Roadmaps


GDP - The Journey of the Goods - Mission The Journey of the Goods - UNHQ Grant Life Partner Life OHRM Onboarding CIC




User Access Provisioning Goods Purchase & Disposal Procurement of Services Lease-in and Lease-out Real Estate Plant Maintenance




Joint Change Management Preventative Maintenance Process        









Posters/Promotional Products from past deployments


ESS Poster # 1

ESS Poster 1 ESS Poster 2 ESS Poster 3 ESS Poster 4 ESS Poster 5 ESS Poster 6




ESS Poster 7 ESS Poster 8 ESS Poster 9 Live C5 Poster ESS C5 Poster BI Poster




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