BI Reports Inventory

The Business Intelligence module is a robust reporting and data visualization platform which allows UN Staff search, view and analyze numerous metrics, reports and key performance indicators to conduct work more efficiently and support strategic planning.

Business Intelligence reports are available to BI users, based on their roles:

  1. Power User: a trained/certified functional business user who can customize reports and analysis areas to share with others.
  2. Analytical User: a data analyst who can utilize all formatted and ad hoc report functionality for private use; separate Dashboard access required.
  3. Common User: a report consumer who can run, print, schedule, and distribute formatted reports only; separate Dashboard access required.

Learn more about BI using the following resources:

BI Training in Inspira: Umoja Business Intelligence Foundation (LMS-2241) and Umoja Business Intelligence Advanced (LMS-2242)
Join the Umoja BI Unite Connections sub-community
Unite Business Intelligence portal for sample reports

Take a look at the list of reports available. BI Users, access the reports via the ECC portal: