About Umoja Extension 2

Umoja is being used by over 46,500 users across 420 locations. Umoja Foundation and Extension 1 covered a broad range of functions such as Finance, Payroll, HR, Procurement, Travel, Logistics, and Real Estate.

Umoja Extension 2 (UE2), comprising 41% of all Umoja processes, will cover areas not previously automated and extend the user base. UE2 will introduce many new technologies (software) to provide these new capabilities. It will also expand and diversify the Umoja user base, as donors, vendors, implementing partners and Member States will also interact with the system.

The Umoja team is excited to introduce Umoja Mobile, an enhanced SAP platform that is optimized to deliver a personalized and simplified user experience across all devices (desktops, tablets and mobile phones). Read more.



UE2 Projects

Strategic Planning, Budgeting and Performance Management

Leveraging a diverse suite of products, Strategic Planning, Budgeting and Performance Management will give managers new tools to plan top-down and bottom-up, proactively track deliverables and key performance indicators, and blend internal and external data to communicate the results of programmes to diverse stakeholders. 


Implementing Partner Management


New capabilities for managing the entire life-cycle of dealing with implementing partners (UN agencies, NGOs, etc.) as well as beneficiaries of grant-awards, by allowing them online access to apply for partnership, request payments, report progress, and submit documentation.





Fundraising and Donor Relationship Management

Fundraising will facilitate managing donor relations, launching and managing appeals for voluntary contributions and integrate with existing functionality for managing contribution agreements. 




Supply Chain Management

Transportation Management will improve the management of the movement of troops, contingent-owned and UN owned equipment, and vendor deliveries. Demand Planning and Supply Network Planning will introduce demand and supply planning tools and the optimization of inventory, including safety stocks.  UE2 Track and Trace will enable tracking and tracing the location of all UN assets.




Conference and Event Management

Meeting Participant Management will enable self-service registration and approvals, streamline access to premises including through passes on mobile devices, and facilitate communications with participants before, during and after events for the thousands of participants in over 33,500 UN conferences and events every year. Current Meetings Management Systems will also be integrated gradually. 

Uniformed Capabilities Management 

The Uniformed Capabilities Management (UCM) solution will consolidate multiple non-integrated systems to provide an end-to-end solution for payments to Troops and Police Contributing Countries, including for contingent-owned equipment.