Umoja Reporting

One of the transformative benefits of Umoja, is the ability to conduct complex and real-time analysis of key data. Umoja reports allow UN staff and managers to search, view and analyse a variety of metrics to improve work efficiency as well as support strategic planning and decision-making. 

This Reporting page provides an inventory of reports available in the Umoja transactional system “Enterprise Core Component” (ECC) and Business Intelligence (BI). Please note that access to the actual reports is only possible via the Umoja Production System page in the ECC Portal.

ECC Reports Inventory 
Transactional reports (ECC/SRM) enable real-time data reporting. They are comprised of lists, which allow aggregation, drill-down capabilities and are usually function specific. 

The ECC Reports inventory is comprised of a selected list of 125 commonly used reports. Additional reports will be added and posted on this page accordingly. 

BI Reports Inventory
Business Intelligence (BI) is a separate system devoted to reporting, where data is organized in a way that allows faster generation of reports. It allows information aggregation, trend analysis with drill-down capabilities, KPI tracking, provides numerous tools and outputs, and enables self-service reporting. 

BI Formatted Reports are available in the following modules: FM, GL, GM, TR and SA. For a complete list of BI reports available in Umoja, visit the BI Reports Inventory page here

Key aspects of each report such as the report type, purpose, potential users, Transaction codes (T Codes), etc., have been included to aid understand their use and functionality. Screenshots are also included, where available, for further information. 

Reports can be searched by Module, Report Name, T Code or search by Enterprise Role.