Introducing the Enterprise Resource Planning Solution Division

The Enterprise Resource Planning Solution Division (ERPSD) was established on 1 January 2021, marking a turning point in the journey to deliver Umoja to the global Secretariat.

Following the end of the Umoja project phase, the Enterprise Resource Planning Solution Division will continue to improve the deployed solutions.

The General Assembly approved the establishment of the Enterprise Resource Planning Solution Division in December 2020, based on its consideration of the Secretary-General’s 12th progress report on Umoja. This demonstrates the support of Member States for Umoja as a catalyst for the transformation of the Organization’s business processes. 

In addition to providing support for the day-to-day work of staff and managers, Umoja has helped manage the Secretariat’s liquidity challenges and maintain business continuity during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Umoja is now a complete end-to-end ERP solution, replacing outdated legacy IT systems and manual processes. 

As a key enabler of the Secretary-General’s United to Reform and Data Strategy initiatives, Umoja supports the UN's journey to serve the peoples of the world.

The Enterprise Resource Planning Solution Division is entrusted with the responsibility for deploying new and improved solutions under Umoja.

It will continue to innovate and introduce exciting products such as the “Digital Boardroom”.  which will provide programme managers and Member States with powerful visualizations, interactive dashboards and predictive analytics.

The Enterprise Resource Planning Solution Division will be working with business leads to address process efficiencies, streamline business processes and to improve the Umoja user experience.

The division will also support the UN’s Benefits Management Framework by leveraging Umoja’s wealth of qualitative and quantitative information about UN resources, processes and programme delivery.

Moving forward, Umoja will be driven by business needs, guided by the Management Client Board and overseen by the Umoja Steering Committee and the Umoja Change Board, to ensure that the solution remains up to date and fit for purpose for years to come.