Module: TM

Report Name Report Type Transaction Code (T-Code)/Query Main Purpose
Absences Report ECC Reports ZTM_ABSENCES Display details of absences (e.g., usage of compensatory time off)
ZTMAL/CTO pay ECC Reports ZTM_AL CTO Review Payout without Separation
Attendance Reports ECC Reports ZTM_ATTENDANCE Good for CTO and overtime accruals. (CTO quarterly reviews by doing the sub-total of CTO accrued by staff member. Can use it for non-danger pay entries as well
CTO Accrual ECC Reports ZTM_CTO AL payout from previous UN employment
Work Schedule ECC Reports ZTM_WRK_SCHED Work schedule overview
Time Statement Monitoring ECC Reports ZTM_TIMESTMNT Report of time statement certification
Display Leave Requests ECC Reports ZHRTMLEAVE Displays all leave requests for a staff member. It is useful when separating a staff member and have leave requests yet to be fully processed.
Time Manager Report w/o Org Struct ECC Reports ZIN_TIME_MNGR_ORG Time Manager's Overview Report
Cumulated Time Evaluation Results ECC Reports PT_QTA10 Displays staff members quota balance
Absence Quota Information ECC Reports PT_BAL00 Time balances by wage type