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New Preventive Maintenance functionality for the United Nations has been released in Umoja! Preventive Maintenance will allow end users to maintain any equipment or property which requires regular maintenance scheduling. This tool will considerably impact the work of all property stakeholders by supporting the planning and execution of preventive maintenance tasks for equipment, building components and sub-components. For the first time, the UN has the ability to comprehensively track preventive maintenance activities by using real time information. Read more about this new feature in our latest blog.  

On Friday, 21 October 2016, the Business-to-Business (B2B) inbound invoice interface with Office Depot was successfully deployed. This interface represents a significant milestone as it reduces the amount of manual work required to process large volumes of low value invoices. While the use of the interface is currently limited to office supplies transactions with Office Depot in UNHQ, it sets a foundation for leveraging similar solutions for other business scenarios as well as in other entities. The implementation of this solution was made possible thanks to successful coordination between the Umoja team, Process Owners' teams, OICT and the vendor technical team. This automation is an incremental step towards creating more efficient work environments at the UN. Click here to read more.    

Following preparations for Cluster 5 go-live, please be advised that the BP sync is active again for all entities, except for the Cluster 5 Business Partners. Business Partners for Cluster 5 will be synchronized after midnight CET on Tuesday, 01 November.

UNDP Processes
UNDP job aids are now consolidated under the "UNDP Processes" section. These new job aids are broken down into individual documents to make it easier to read and find information. Take a look at the new and updated documents: 
New 1-0 UNDP Business Partners for Financial Authorizations 
New 2-0 Advance/replenishment to UNDP 
New 3-1 Creation of Funds Commitments for UNV 

Treasury and Cash Management
New Payment Status Report for Non-Treasury User 
New Banking Detail Report for Non-Treasury User 

If you have any questions about using certain Umoja functionality, please review the list of Job Aids available on the Umoja website. 

The latest Release Notes feature enhancements to the Umoja solution, including fixes to the error 'Balance in Local Currency' when posting real estate contracts. In Time Management, the system now correctly reflects the start date of the reappointment instead of the beginning of the leave quota cycle (1 April). Other enhancements, such as the creation of new cash journals for UNON, as well as new payroll areas for Cluster 5, are also featured in this week’s Release Notes.

Join us at the "Go-live" event for Umoja Cluster 5! The Cluster 5 deployment will bring Extension 1 functionality to over 11,600 national staff and about 8,700 individual uniformed personnel in peacekeeping and special political missions. This is a remarkable milestone, which could not have been achieved without the hard work and dedication of staff around the globe.

All staff are invited to join in on Tuesday, 1 November from 8:00 am to 8:40 am (New York time) in Conference Room 2. View the complete invitation here.

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