Preventive Maintenance has deployed at the UN

New Umoja Extension 2 (UE2) Preventive Maintenance functionality is now available in Umoja. The Services Delivery team, in close partnership with OCSS, UNOG, ECA, ECLAC and ESCWA, successfully deployed a pilot project; the functionality is expected to reach more entities over the coming months.

Preventive Maintenance is the first of the Umoja Extension 2 projects to be deployed. It enables the Organization to automate the administration of the preventive maintenance work currently being done manually, particularly with planned inspections and maintenance actions. Based on the maintenance plan (where, when, and what needs to be done), the system triggers an automated service order for each item listed on the maintenance task list. Once the task has been performed, the service order is confirmed in the system and it is automatically settled.
This tool will positively impact the work of property stakeholders by supporting the planning and execution of preventive maintenance tasks for equipment, building components and sub-components. 
This new functionality has significant benefits for the Organization, including:

  • better alignment with financial rules and regulations,
  • compliance with equipment warranty,
  • prolonged lifespan of equipment,
  • long term decrease in total maintenance costs by reducing breakdowns and accidents,
  • improved energy efficiency, and
  • increased efficiencies in budget and contract management planning.

​For the first time, the UN has the ability to comprehensively track preventive maintenance activities by using real time information. The preventive maintenance functionality can be made available for staff provisioned with enterprise role SD.16.

To learn more about this functionality take a look at the Umoja Preventive Maintenance Training available under Transactional Users Training on Umoja website.