Glossary of Terms beginning with G

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Galileo Decommissioning Project


Global Freight Forwarding


A Geographic Information System is a sytem designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage and present spatial or geographic data in a desired format.


General Ledger

GL Account Master Record

GL Account is a financial accounting master data object that receives the value postings for various journal entries and thus support the value items shown in the financial statements.

Goods Issue

Confirmation of a delivery being completed. This transaction is performed after validating all expected objects have been loaded and physically shipped.

Government Business Enterprise

Government business enterprise is an entity that has all the following characteristics:
(a) is an entity with the power to contract in its own name;
(b) has been assigned the financial and operational authority to carry on a business;
(c) sells goods and services, in the normal course of its business, to other entities at a profit or full cost recovery;
(d) is not reliant on continuing government funding to be a going concern (other than purchases of outputs at arm's length); and
(e) is controlled by a public sector entity.


Used to solicit, accept and record sponsor funds, enforce sponsor conditions, and report back to the sponsor based on sponsor's requirements. Previously known in the UN as a Trust Fund.

Gross investment in the lease

Gross investment in the lease is the aggregate of the minimum lease payments under a finance lease from the standpoint of the lessor and any unguaranteed residual value accruing to the lessor.

Guaranteed residual value

(a) in the case of the lessee, that part of the residual value which is guaranteed by the lessee or by a party related to the lessee (the amount of the guarantee being the maximum amount that could, in any event, become payable); and
(b) in the case of the lessor, that part of the residual value which is guaranteed by the lessee or by a third party unrelated to the lessor who is financially capable of discharging the obligations under the guarantee.