Glossary of Terms beginning with B

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Bank Master Record

The central repository where bank information such as bank name, ABA number, SWIFT code, etc. is stored in Umoja.


Business Design Document/Blueprint Design Document


Business Intelligence


A process that checks for items that a customer is expected to pay for within a specified billing period. It represents the final processing state for a business transaction in the processing of an order. Billing data will be forwarded to Financial Accounting.

Billing Documents

Umbrella term for invoices (outbound), credit memos, debit memos, pro forma invoices and cancellation documents. Each billing document is created with reference to a preceding document.


Baseline Configuration

Borrowing costs

Borrowing costs are interest and other expenses incurred by an entity in connection with the borrowing of funds.


Business Process Modeling Language


Business Process Procedures


Business Process Reengineering

Budget Period

The validity period of a given budget. The Budget Period is defined with a start and an end date. This element offers the flexibility to maintain the budget validity, independently of the validity of the other master data, notably Fund, and the fiscal year.

Budgetary basis

Budgetary basis is the accrual, cash or other basis of accounting adopted in the budget that has been approved by the legislative body.

Business Area

Business area is an organizational unit within financial accounting. It corresponds to a defined business segment or area of responsibility, to which you can assign value movements recorded in Financial Accounting.

Business Partner

An organization deals with different natural and legal persons during business transactions: a customer purchases goods from an organization; a forwarding agent might deliver goods to the customer; or an employee within the organisation processes the business transactions. All of these roles are represented by business partners in SAP.