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Umoja Implementation


DPKO-DPA missions are currently preparing for the deployment of the Umoja Travel Solution to the remaining field (i.e. C5) populations: 

  • National Staff
  • Individual Uniformed Personnel (IUPs)/ Uniformed Personnel (UPs)
  • Individual Contractors & Consultants
  • UN Volunteers
  • All other non-staff

The Travel Solution will launch in mid-June 2018. Once this final roll-out is complete, mission travel processes will be aligned with the Secretariat, and all employee groups across the organization will use Umoja to raise travel requests. Therefore, the UN will finally achieve complete adoption of Umoja Foundation and Extension 1. For more support and information about the last leg of this journey, see below!

  1. Umoja Travel Solution FAQs
  2. C5 Tutorials 

Posters and graphics

  1. FSS is Switching off! See the poster annoucement here
  2. Travel Announcement Poster and  Logo
  3. Individual Uniformed Personnel (IUP) New Travel Process Poster
  4. National Staff Submit Travel Requests in ESS Poster

Click the below lists to find Umoja Travel focal points in your Mission 

Umoja Travel Deployment Coordinators

ESS Focal Points

Umoja Travel LPEs

Umoja Travel LPE Trainers

Supply Chain Management | GDP

  1. Need to log-in to Umoja? Take a look at the Umoja Step-by-Step Login Guide 
  2. The GDP Roles Guide provides a detailed description for each role
  3. Find the T-Codes for each process on the GDP T-Codes Cheatsheet
  4. The End-to-End Roadmaps and Cheatsheets simplify process details within specific areas of Umoja
  5. Ramp-up Log
  6. Supply Chain Management Newsletter
    -  UE2 - Supply Chain Management Phase 1 - Issue 2 | November 2017
    -  UE2 - Supply Chain Management Phase 1 - Issue 1 | September 2017


  1. Need help? take a look at the Support poster for guidance
  2. Training Materials
  3. FAQs
  4. How to Guides

Umoja Functional Areas (C5)

Umoja has changed the way the UN conducts many transactions and activities, including how UN Personnel manages administrative functions, benefits and entitlements. During C5 deployment, some key functional areas transformed by Umoja include: 

Human Resources
Organization Management
Personnel Administration and Entitlements
Time Management

Payroll and Benefits
Staff Payroll and Tax Data Collection
Monthly and Yearly Biennium Activities
Benefits Management

C5 Travel Countdown

Galileo transitions to Umoja in

Production Support

Need support with Umoja Travel? Click below to find out:


Need help with Umoja? Click below to find out: