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Umoja News and Updates | Look inside for updates on ECC/BI Reporting, Cluster 5 Deployment and Training

The Umoja Reporting page now offers 65 BI Formatted reports, available for Funds Management (FM), General Ledger (GL), Treasury (TR) and Source to Acquire (SA). In addition to the BI report inventory, a list of 125 of the most commonly used ECC reports is available by report name, transaction code and/or module. Each report is described along with information such as report type, purpose, potential users, transaction codes (T-Codes), to help users understand the available functionality. Visit the Umoja Reporting page for more information. 

The Preventive Maintenance functionality was deployed on Monday, 17 October. The Umoja Services Delivery team, together with representatives from UNHQ FMS, UNOG, ECA, ECLAC and ESCWA, successfully completed the pilot project and created the preventive maintenance programme for targeted FMS equipment. The programme is created based on the manufacturer’s recommendations, best practices and safety laws, and marks the first time in the United Nation's history that stakeholders have an opportunity to comprehensively track maintenance activities by using a software environment, updated in real time.

New Training: LMS -1933 Preventive Maintenance Training 
Updated User Guide: Service Order Management
Updated User Guide: Sales and Distribution

During the most recent Umoja Post Implementation Review Task Force (UPIR-TF) meeting, it was agreed that the cross-functional Task Force would continue to assemble on a monthly basis to ensure policy, process and technical issues are understood and suitably addressed. Umoja users are encouraged to stay up to date with the latest guidance on Umoja functionality available in the Job Aids page of the Umoja website. Similarly, the latest enhancements to Umoja are easily accessible in the weekly Release Notes.

If you have any questions about using certain Umoja functionality, please review the list of Job Aids available on the Umoja website. Other guidance, such as the newly posted Table of House Banks Determination (under Treasury and Cash Management), is also available. 

Umoja Release Notes feature the latest enhancements to the Umoja solution. Take a look at this week's Release Notes here.  

The Umoja countdown clock is winding down towards the day when National Staff and Individual Uniformed Personnel start using Umoja for HR processes. As we near 1 November, both USG/DFS Mr. Atul Khare and USG/DM Mr. Yukio Takasu joined all Missions, via VTC, to acknowledge the enormous volume of work accomplished by the Missions in preparation for the transition to Umoja. Mr. Takasu recognised it was a rare privilege to personally thank so many colleagues in the field for their remarkable work. Mr. Khare thanked all the Missions for their outstanding dedication and emphasized that “deployment and stabilisation plans are well underway to ensure that the necessary support is available”. 

The spirit of unity, hard work and collaboration is very much alive as colleagues in the field prepare for the upcoming deployment. To partake in the Go-Live activities, all staff are invited to attend the C5 Kick-off event on Tuesday 1 November from 8:00 am to 8:40 am (New York time) in Conference Room 2. Read more here.

The Umoja News and Updates is available 24/7 online and as a PDF here.

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