Posting Schemas - Job Aids

The below links are excel files containing the posting schemas for Financial Accounting, Funds Management, Grants Management and Controlling for various business processes.

Area/Key Name Updated
Fixed Assets    
FI:AA.1 Manual Acquisition (current year/post capitalization) 5-Oct-17
FI:AA.2 Write-off & Write-off by Sale 17-Oct-17
FI:AA.3 Impairment 5-Oct-17
FI:AA.4 Transfers (InVol & Xvol) 5-Oct-17
FI:AA.5 Depreciation 5-Oct-17
FI:AA.6 Write up of Asset (reversal of depreciationpreviously posted) 12-Oct-17

AuC Posting Schema WBSE IO

Inventory (LE processes)    
LE.6 STO Process ZSDS (In.Vol X.vol) 5-Oct-17
LE.7 STO Process ZBUD (In.Vol X.vol) 5-Oct-17
LE.8 STO Process ZNBD (In.Vol X.vol) 5-Oct-17
LE.99 All Movement Types 11-Apr-18
Real Estate    

Lease-IN & Lease-OUT(internal & External)