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Umoja News and Updates | Look inside for Umoja maintenance, reports and login updates

As broadcasted by Unite Service Desk, most Umoja applications (ECC/P1E, SRM/Portal and Employee/Manager Self-Service) will be unavailable for 2 hours this Saturday, 3 December from 5:30 am to 7:30 am CET (Friday 11:30 pm to 1:30 am Saturday NY time). The downtime is required to conduct necessary routine maintenance.

Please refer to the Umoja System Status page to view the maintenance plan and alerts.

Since the implementation of the B2B inbound invoice interface from Office Depot one month ago, the first payments associated with a total of 364 invoices received electronically were processed with Umoja. This represents a significant reduction in workload which, without such interface, would have been manually processed by the Vendor Claims Team.

Finance Offices, such as OPPBA’s Accounts Division, benefit from this functionality. According to Mr. Christophe Monier, Chief of the Insurance and Disbursement Service in OPPBA, the invoice interface has already made a “significant difference, and now it’s time to think about expanding it to other vendors with a high volume of invoices.” 

During this first month, several lessons learned have allowed stakeholders to fine-tune the process further, which will facilitate its successful expansion.  

Unite Identity was just upgraded to improve security, password self-reset and support functions. Please read more in the Unite identity FAQs in iSeek. In line with these updates, the Umoja Login guide has also been revised to reflect the latest changes. 

Staffing Table reports are available in the Umoja Enterprise Core Component (ECC). These reports can be generated by using transaction code (T-codes) ZOMREPORT1 and ZOMREPBUDGET. For more information on who can access these reports and purpose, please see the iSeek announcement

New UNDP SCA Frequently Asked Questions are available in the Umoja website. The UNDP SCA process is applied in entities that use UNDP as a procurement or pay agent, i.e. in locations where no house bank exists or where, due to specific requirements, UNDP is requested to undertake procurement. 

The FAQs are based on the most commonly asked production support questions related to UNDP Advance and issuance of the UNDP Financial Authorisation. More FAQs related to UNDP Reconciliation and Clearance processes will be released soon. Staff are encouraged to refer to these FAQs and UNDP Process Job Aids for guidance before raising iNeed tickets.

The latest Release Notes feature enhancements to the Umoja solution, including New Movement Types in Umoja Inventory Management and access to fields on the WBSE UN Assignment data tab. Find out about these and other improvements in this week's Release Notes.

Funds and Cost Management
New Creating Internal Orders 
Updated Review and Execute Allocation Cycle 

Logistics execution
New Exception Processes in Inventory Management - Overview
New Exception Process - Additions to Stock 
New Exception Process - Returns to Stock
New Exception Process - Transfer between Storage Locations in the same Plant

Financial Accounting/ Treasury and Cash Management
Updated Payment Method Determination Cheat sheet

The Umoja News and Updates is available 24/7 online and on PDF