31 March 2017

Do you need to request a new role in Umoja? Take a look at the updated Need a Role? page in iSeek (former User Access Provisioning page) for detailed guidance on adding, editing or deleting roles.

21 March 2017

Member States have a keen interest in Programmatic and Donor Reporting, so as to better track and monitor how their voluntary contributions to various UN entities are being utilized to benefit the citizens of the world. 

08 March 2017

As part of the March  payroll processing, specific Umoja Employee Self-Service functionality will be undergoing a temporary payroll "freeze" on each payroll area. Please see additional information on iSeek.

01 March 2017

Responsibility for Recording and Approving Time Requests
[official broadcast disseminated on 28 February 2017]

17 February 2017
16 February 2017

The Office of Central Support Services (OCSS) recently held its first Umoja Real Estate Capacity Building Workshop at the Economic Commission of Africa (ECA). 

15 February 2017

As part of the February 2017 payroll processing, specific Umoja Employee Self-Service functionalities will be unavailable for a short period of time. 

03 February 2017