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Programmatic and Donor Reporting takes a huge leap forward

Member States have a keen interest in Programmatic and Donor Reporting, so as to better track and monitor how their voluntary contributions to various UN entities are being utilized to benefit the citizens of the world. 

Until now, donor reporting had to be conducted in a largely manual fashion in the UN, and different UN entities adhered to different standards in their reporting dimensions and criteria.

Thanks to the implementation of Umoja across the Secretariat, and the Business Intelligence it provides, Programmatic and Donor Reporting has taken a significant leap forward allowing sophisticated and visually dynamic reporting across the UN Organization.

Due to intensive efforts over the past year from the OICT Enterprise Application Centre in Vienna (EAC-VN), who together with the Umoja team and the OICT business intelligence team in New York, took on the challenge to create a new Programmatic and Donor Reporting dashboard for all Secretariat’s entities projects/programmes.

The Umoja Programmatic Donor Reporting Dashboard has already been launched at http://projects.un.org. It depicts real-time financial data from Umoja, but also brings in a variety of programmatic, qualitative and documentation data relating to each project/programme.

All UN Staff can already login to take a look at the live dashboard displaying UNODC data using their Unite Identity credentials.

Numerous other UN entities who utilize extra-budgetary funds and voluntary contributions are working closely with the OICT EAC-VN team in order to launch their own Programmatic and Donor Reporting dashboards as soon as possible this year. Such entities include DPA, OHCHR, UNCTAD, UNECE, UNEP, UN Habitat, UNMAS, ESCWA, ECLAC, ECA and ESCAP.

Last week, an intensive workshop was held at UNHQ with DPA and EAC-VN colleagues working closely together to resolve challenges in the DPA project structures as entered into Umoja and how to reconcile these with the reporting criteria. 

Tremendous progress was made during the workshop and the DPA dashboard should be ready to launch by the end of March. Similarly, EAC-VN and OICT met with the UN Mine Action Service on how to structure their reporting dashboard solution while making the necessary adjustments to accommodate UNMAS specific reporting needs.

For more details about the Umoja Programmatic Donor Reporting dashboard, please visit http://projects.un.org and login using your Unite Identity, or contact Mr. Maurizio Gazzola, Chief of the Enterprise Application Centre in Vienna at maurizio.gazzola@un.org