Sending off Galileo; landing Umoja

Galileo, the warehouse and inventory management system used by peacekeeping and special political missions, will be decommissioned and migrated to Umoja as of 1 September 2017, to complete the deployment of the Umoja Foundation supply chain functionalities. 

Once the Galileo Decommissioning Project (GDP) is fully transitioned to Umoja, users will gain a comprehensive picture of the ‘availability of goods’ across global missions as well as other UN entities. Umoja will not only standardize inventory, warehouse, and property management, but will also create a more streamlined experience for sourcing, tracking, and managing inventory, equipment, and assets. As of 1 September 2017, users will have the ability to process the journey of their goods in Umoja from the inception of shopping carts to the moment their items are delivered. 

To ensure we achieve a streamlined and sophisticated shift in business processes, including overall user readiness, the GDP team has been engaging with mission focal points over the last 6 months to conduct various ongoing deployment activities including LPE-T Training, User Access Mapping & Provisioning, Data Conversation (i.e. mapping, cleansing, and enrichment) & Data Migration, Enterprise Organization Structure Monitoring (i.e. warehouse mapping and the reduction of holdings in inactive warehouses), and change management awareness campaigning. 

In an effort to keep staff up to date on GDP initiatives, we have enhanced the Field Support webpage to include GDP information. Take a look at the new site here:

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