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Leading up to the UE2 Supply Chain Phase 1/Galileo Decommissioning Project (GDP) deployment, effective on 5 September 2017, Umoja will undergo "blackout periods", during which Umoja will be unavailable for users to perform regular transactions. Similarly, a role freeze will be applied to certain roles and transactions, meaning that users will not be able to perform certain functions during the Role Freeze periods.

In preparation, DFS-LSD has issued specific guidance and instructions to SPM and PK mission personnel (see note below). OPPBA has also issued an Umoja/GDP Blackout and Role Freeze memo, posted in iSeek

Given the limitation to conduct transactions, staff are urged to be aware of these blackout and role freeze dates, and plan work accordingly.

During the full blackout period, Umoja will be unavailable to perform regular transactions for all users. The global blackout applies to all modules (including Finance, HR and Travel). Payroll will remain available to identified personnel.

  1. Saturday 19 August 2017 starting at 00:00 CET to Sunday 20 August 2017 at 23:59 CET (Friday 18 August from 6:00 pm to Sunday 20 August 5:59 pm NY Time). 
  2. Thursday 31 August 2017 starting at 00:00 CET to Monday 4 September 2017 at 23:59 CET (Wednesday 30 August 6:00 pm to Monday 4 September 5:59 pm NY Time). 

Role freeze affects all PKs and SPMs, as well as DFS staff receiving goods in Umoja on behalf of missions, and including HQ staff serving these missions:

  1. Currently in effect: from Friday 21 July 2017 at 23:59 CET to Monday 4 September at 23:59 CET (Friday 21 July from 5:59 pm to Monday 4 September 5:59 pm NY Time)All Goods Receipt activity for PK Missions and SPMs will be suspended in Umoja, however Service Entry Sheets are not affected, until the start of the second freeze.
  2. Saturday 19 August starting at 00:00 CET to Monday 4 September at 23:59 CET (Friday 18 August from 6:00 pm to Monday 4 September 5:59 pm NY Time). Freeze applies to all Source to Acquire transactions, including creating, approving and updating Shopping Carts, Purchase Orders, Contracts, RFx documents, and Service Entry Sheets.

Any additional guidance and instructions will be shared via broadcast and the various Umoja communication channels.



Attention Travel Administrators! Please complete the Umoja mini master training in Inspira before 31 December 2017. All TAs are required to complete the Mini Master Certification, and not having done this will result in the loss of access to create mini masters.

If you have not taken the training, sign-in to and complete the related courses, listed here for reference. Once the training is complete, certification will be recorded and your access to create mini master records will remain active. For more information, please contact



GDP is fully underway, with staff both in the Field and at UNHQ, actively preparing for the upcoming September roll out. As part of the preparations, the GDP Team is disseminating a series of informative, visual materials to support SPM and PK mission staff during the transition.

Please take a look at the latest resources available in the Umoja DFS Field Support page:

Additional materials will be made available by late August, covering the following four areas: Equipment Management, Inventory & Warehouse, Equipment Maintenance & Physical Verification, and Stock Transfer Orders (STO).

Stay tuned to the DFS Field Support page and the Umoja newsletter for more updates! If you have any questions, please email the GDP Team at



As mentioned earlier, as part of the Galileo Decommissioning Project (GDP), Galileo and Umoja will undergo "Blackout periods", when both systems will be unavailable to perform regular transactions.

In preparation, take a look at the Blackout Dates for Galileo and Umoja for specific dates and guidance about the types of transactions that can or cannot be performed during this period. Additional instructions have also been shared with your mission in anticipation of this critical exercise.



Umoja Job Aids offer the most up-to-date guidance to successfully run transactions using Umoja. Please visit the Job Aids page often to ensure you are using the most recent version of any needed document.

Financial Accounting
New Chart of Accounts and GL Accounts List



Are you interested in the latest enhancements to the Umoja solution? Visit the Umoja Release Notes page for the most recent system changes.

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