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Umoja News and Updates


Umoja Release Notes detail all the latest enhancements made to improve the Umoja solution. In the month of January 2017 alone, the underlying software on which the Umoja solution is based was updated, upgraded or enhanced on 38 separate occasions, in as many as 28 functional areas.

Some of the latest enhancements contain FI/General Ledger updates, related to clearing balances and open items in GL account #19401010 as well as HR/Entitlement updates, related to the mobility infotype and reports. Take a look at the most recent Release Notes for more details and updates.

Other solution enhancements are also featured in these Release Notes, including updates in FA/Fixed Assets where the fields “WBSE” (Work Breakdown Structure Element) and “IO” (Internal Order), in "Account Assignment for Investment" were moved from the "Time Dependent" tab to the "Origin" tab. Investment (AuC) related fields were moved to the “Origin” tab to provide better visibility and reduce confusion and errors when recording WBSE or IO in relation to the account assignment.

Another Umoja enhancement in FM/ Budget Implementation presents an additional revenue column in the new “FM Analysis Area with Cost Recovery Revenue”. 


Financial Accounting
Updated Clearing balances and open items in GL 19401010 (AR Due to Due From)

Funds and Cost Management
Updated Upload Statistical Key Figures for Cost Allocation

Grants and Project Management
Updated Run Cash Balances GM Budget Release Report
New BI Grant Management Pledge Report

Organizational Management
New Guide to Generate OM Reports

Services Delivery
New Preventive Maintenance Mass Creation
New Preventive Maintenance C0139 Form

The Umoja News and Updates is available 24/7 online and on PDF.

The Umoja Team