UE2: Uniformed Capabilities Management Continues to Expand Scope

The Uniformed Capabilities Management (UCM) system is about to expand its scope with the launch of the second phase.  Additional functionalities now provide improved handling and oversight of MOUs within the system, as well as the processing of quarterly reimbursements and payments to Troop and Police Contributing Countries (T/PCCs) for Contingent Owned Equipment (COE). The system will now also be used for the processing and/or tracking of ad-hoc claims such for hostile damage to COE, death and disability.

The initial deployment of UCM in December 2018 introduced the standardization of T/PCC related processes. Police and Military Planners now use the solution to develop their Statements of Unit Requirements (SURs), while enhancements to eCOE modules are used by COE Units within field missions to capture inspection and verification data in a more structured manner.

The establishment of the Uniformed Capabilities Support Division (UCSD) and the launch of the UCM system are a cornerstone of the reform efforts and together deliver significant improvements in our support to T/PCCs.  Processes and functions previously separated by departments and divisions are now housed within UCSD - which serves as both a single point of contact and service within the Secretariat, for T/PCC support and reimbursement issues.” – Mr. Atul Khare, Under-Secretary-General for Operational Support.

I look forward to working with colleagues to ensure that we sustain this transformative momentum, aimed at improving both our own operations and most importantly our ability to better serve our clients and partners.” – Mr. Michael Mulinge Kitivi, UCSD Director - designate.

The system was designed to improve complex processes involved in force generation, force management, and claim reimbursements to T/PCCs. It hosts a central repository of all key information and documents and significantly streamlines workflows involved in inspections, verifications and claims management. The system also provides greater process transparency, minimizes errors and enhances reporting capabilities.

The deployment of the UCM is a cross-departmental effort involving Umoja (DMSPC), OICT, Uniformed Capabilities Support Division (OSCM/DOS), Office of Military Affairs & Police Division (DPO), COE Units within Field Missions, Field Operations Finance Division and Payment and Travel Claims Section (OPPFB/DMCPS) and the Umoja Coordination Service (LD/OSCM/DOS). The system lays the foundation for all future force management and uniformed capabilities planning processes within the Umoja Extension 2 portfolio.

For more information, kindly go to: https://umoja.un.org/