New Umoja feature for express travel claims

To all staff:


We are pleased to announce a new feature for travel management already available in Umoja to simplify the expense report when closing a trip.  A new button called “Expense Report Not Needed, Close Trip” is now available in the Umoja Portal.  This feature simplifies the expense report settlement for many travellers, as well as for travel administrators who are responsible for meeting participants.  To use this option, the trip must meet all of the following requirements:


✓ the traveller completed their travel as planned/approved;

✓ the traveller received a travel advance for the trip; and,

✓ the traveller does not claim anything other than DSA and terminal expenses.


Please do not use this feature when the trip meets any of the following conditions.  For these situations, please create a standard Expense Report:


✗ Claim of ad-hoc or higher-rate DSA; self-ticket costs; or any additional expenses such as excess baggage, danger pay, etc.;

✗ Expense report for a conference paymaster event;

✗ Travel as part of the Secretary-General’s delegation; or,

✗ Change of the original payment method used to issue the advance.


For assistance with the Umoja solution, please visit the Umoja web site or contact your local help desk.


Bon voyage,

Office of Central Support Services

in coordination with Umoja and the Office of Program Planning, Budget and Accounts

Department of Management