Umoja Travel Solution Deployed to Field Missions




DPKO-DPA missions have launched the Umoja Travel Solution to the remaining field mission (i.e. C5) populations: 

  • National Staff
  • Individual Uniformed Personnel (IUPs)/ Uniformed Personnel (UPs)
  • Individual Contractors & Consultants
  • UN Volunteers
  • All other non-staff

Now that the roll-out is complete, mission travel processes are aligned with the Secretariat, and all employee groups across the Organization are using Umoja to raise travel requests. The UN has finally achieved complete adoption of Umoja Foundation and Extension 1. For more support and information, see below!

  1. Umoja Travel Solution FAQs
  2. Distance Learning Materials for Travel
            - Individual Uniformed Personnel (IUP)
            - National Staff members
  3. Umoja Travel Job Aids
            - Create Standalone Expense Report
            - Create Within Mission Travel
            - Create and Official Travel Request at No Cost to the UN
  4. Cheat Sheets:
            - How to Raise a Travel Request in Umoja (for National Staff)
            - How to Raise a “within mission” Travel Request in Umoja (for Individual Uniformed Personnel)
            - How to Raise an Expense Report in Umoja (for all)
  5. Umoja Travel Awareness - Townhall Presentation
  6. Recommended Checklist for Approval of Official Travel Requests in iSeek (please use your Unite ID to log in)

Posters and graphics

  1. FSS PT8 Functionality has switched off! The Umoja Travel solution is live!
  2. IUP Travel Process Poster
  3. National Staff use ESS for Travel Poster
  4. Umoja Travel: Key Process Changes Poster
  5. Travel Kick-off Poster and  Logo


Click the lists below to find Umoja Travel focal points in your Mission 

Umoja Travel Deployment Coordinators

ESS Focal Points

Umoja Travel LPEs

Umoja Travel LPE Trainers