Will I be paid on time? Will payroll be impacted?

Staff will continue to be paid on time using Umoja. In preparation for end-of-June salary payments, the Umoja team has performed mock ‘payroll runs’ to identify and address any cases where administrative action (e.g. contract expiration) is required to ensure payment. In the unlikely event that a staff member’s case has not been addressed at the time of payroll cut off in mid-June, a special procedure (salary advance) will be executed to make sure that the staff member is paid on time. A key benefit of Umoja will be the elimination of the payroll issues that previously occurred when staff transferred between for example New York and the field. Once a staff member is in Umoja, there is no need for additional entries, contrary to for example the UNDP system where staff members have to be entered locally every time they change duty stations. Umoja will not impact the payroll of national field staff who will continue to be payrolled by UNDP.