Why can’t I issue a Financial Authorisation related to a AP Document (FV60 MIR7)?

  • Check that there is no payment block.
  • Ensure that there is a funds center on each line of the FV60 document (even if the line relates to a balance sheet account, i.e. for MPOs, petty cash etc).
  • The funds center of the AP Doc may not be mapped to a UNDP donor code (this can be checked using ZAP_DONORMAP, this T-code is mapped to finance roles).  If the funds center is not mapped an ineed ticket needs to be raised and assigned to Umoja Tier 2b-Financial Accounting in UNHQ.
  • Check the payment method selected, it should be U.
  • Check that the FV60 or MIR7 was posted/approved (if they are not approved the FA cannot be created).