Who is involved in Umoja?

On a project of this magnitude, strong governance is essential in order to steer the project, monitor progress, resolve conflicts without delay, decide on priorities, help manage change and communicate progress to all stakeholders. The main policy decision-making body is the Umoja Steering Committee, which reports to the Management Committee.

The detailed planning and execution of the project is being done by the Umoja team led by Assistant Secretary-General, Chandramouli Ramanathan, who serves as Project Director and reports to the Under-Secretary-General for Management Strategy, Policy and Compliance. The Project Director is ultimately accountable for the execution of the project in collaboration with the Assistant Secretaries-General, responsible for the four main functional areas: human resources, finance and budget, supply chain, and central support services.

The Umoja project team includes experts on change management, process management, administration management, and technology management, as well as experts in each of the functional areas. These Subject Matter Experts came to the Umoja team from various departments and offices within the UN in order to ensure that the solution meets the needs of the UN.