Umoja Release Note : 9 June 2016

Umoja Release Note # 2016-010

For the period 30 May 2016 – 5 June 2016

Umoja System Changes


FI: TR - Treasury and Cash Management

INTTRK-9748 (31 May 2016)

WO/CCBREQ# IM-1-3924552826

Description This update addresses an issue where special characters were transmitted in the payment reference for Accounts Payable (AP) payments. The House Bank in Mexico cannot accept special characters resulting in AP payments having to be manually repaired in the bank's system. The payment reference in the file is filtered for special characters (",:.#*+-<_()/:'*#>"). Please note that "@'%&?'" are not removed and we do not recommend to use these characters in invoice reference fields, especially for payments to Mexico. Since Special characters get removed, we propose to enter invoices using " " (blank space) as separators.


HR: BN - Benefits

INTTRK-9849 (3 June 2016)


Description The performance issue with 2 ASHI interfaces was improved.


HR: CT - Central Master Tables

INTTRK-9942 (3 June 2016)

WO/CCBREQ# WO-RFS-1-3933493178, WO-RFS-1-3937967220, WO-RFS-1-3944367742

Description Revised salary scales including dependency allowance and language allowance are implemented for the following countries:

  • GS in Astana, Kazakhstan (KZ00) effective 1 March 2016
  •  LT in Geneva, Switzerland (CH00) effective 1 Sep 2015
  • GS in Geneva, Switzerland (CH00) effective 1 Sep 2015
  • GS and NO for Afghanistan effective 1 March 2015

Revised rental subsidy maximum rents are implemented for:

  • Hungary (HU00) effective 1 June 2016
  • Uruguay effective (UY00) 1 Dec 2015

Revised Family/Non-Family designation for:

  •  Freetown (SL00), update family status eff 1 April 2016


HR: HR - Human Resources Other

INTTRK-9753 (3 June 2016)

WO/CCBREQ# WO-RFS-1-3924026492

Description Repaired an error in payroll where staff (generally in Employee Group SC) separated and were reappointed during the same month and was a consultant in Employee Group X between the separation and the reappointment.


HR: PA - Personnel Administration including Workforce Management

INTTRK-9936 (31 May 2016)


Description Umoja now transmits the MCC and the Payroll Area through the HR Pension Fund Interface.


HR: PY - Payroll

INTTRK-9913 (3 June 2016)


Description The system was modified not to have Pension reduced by periods of Special Leave with Half Pay (this is normally used pending the approval of disability).


INTTRK-9785 (3 June 2016)

WO/CCBREQ# IM-1-3875880651

Description Configured a Wage Type to enable Medical Insurance Premium Holiday when contribution/subsidy amounts (e.g. 1 month) are refunded to the Staff / UN.


INTTRK-9169 (3 June 2016)

WO/CCBREQ# N/A Description Users can now see Separation Payments using Payroll Schema ZNSP even if the Payroll Indicator "Release for Payroll" is not enabled in IT0713.


INTTRK-9168 (3 June 2016)


Description Enhancing Payroll Schema ZNSM to generate payroll accounting results (WPBP, C0 and C1 records) in order to allow detecting posting errors in advance.


HR: TM - Time Management

INTTRK-9768 (2 June 2016)

WO/CCBREQ# WO-IM-1-3904632924

Description In ESS leave request, selecting the approver from the available list in the drop-down for notification purposes is now a required field.


INTTRK-9763 (2 June 2016)

WO/CCBREQ# WO-IM-1-3877136989

Description In ESS leave request, Umoja will not attempt to send any email notification if the selected Time Manager does not have an email address configured.


INTTRK-9938 (3 June 2016)

WO/CCBREQ# WO-IM-1-3918936321

Description The Vienna Summer Schedule which starts on 6 June 2016 is now available in Umoja. INTTRK-9610 (3 June 2016)

WO/CCBREQ# WO-RFS-1-3851278762

Description Configuration of Holiday Calendars for UNAMA and Bosnia, including work schedules for:

  • Nawroz holiday in UNAMA, Afghanistan on 20 March 2016
  • Orthodox Good Friday holiday in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina on 29 April 2016
  • Work Schedules for Afghanistan, Bosnia and France


IN: BW - Business Warehouse

INTTRK-9991 (3 June 2016)


Description The following fields has been removed from all Payment Status Reports 

  • Vendor
  • User Name 
  • Reconciliation Date


SC: SA - Source to Acquire

INTTRK-9814 (3 June 2016)

WO/CCBREQ# WO-IM-1-3850544395

Description This enhancement restores Shopping Cart Requisitions which were added to a Solicitation (RFx) and subsequently deleted for additional solicitations. Prior to this change, once deleted Shopping Cart items were no longer available.