Umoja Release Note: 30 November 2018

Umoja Release Note # 2018-060
For the period 01 November – 30 November 2018

Umoja System Changes


FI: FA - Fixed Assets (Asset Accounting)

INTTRK-16256 (16 November)
WO/CCBREQ# CCBREQ-6407, WO-IM-1-6011236904
Stock Transfer Report for Fixed Assets (ZAASTOFA) has been modified to support Funds Commitment (Earmarked Funds) Documents with multiple unique Document Items. 
*** NOTE that it is mandatory to create Fund Commitment Documents with UNIQUE Document Items, i.e. where each Document Item has unique Account Assignment. Refer to Job Aid FM-3.2 Creating Funds Commitments for STR/STOs for detailed instructions. 

Modifications to the ZAASTOFA Report provide the following: 
(1) Validation of correct references in STO to Funds Commitment Documents and Document Items, based on Funds Commitment Document Number and Asset Class. 
(2) Display of values from multi-item Funds Commitment Documents (Document No, Document Item No, Available Balance, etc.) - when valid and correct Funds Commitment Document Number is referenced. 
(3) Notification of ERROR related to Funds Commitment Document referencing within the STO: Incorrect Funds Commitment Document Numbers, non-existent/incorrect Account Assignment of Document Item, in reference to STO provided values for Funds Commitment Number and Account Assignment.


FI: TR - Treasury and Cash Management

INTTRK-16836 (2 November)
WO/CCBREQ# RFS-1-6478257971
Treasury has changed the structure of funding bank accounts in a number of countries. This change enables direct funding using MT202 messages to the following house banks: SSCI1, SSCI2 and CDCI2.

INTTRK-16590 (8 November)
Changes were made to the structure of the XML Files sent to the banks to initiate payments. The changes support the implementation of new banking arrangements in Iraq, Brazil and a modification of the arrangement in Sierra Leone.

INTTRK-16998 (19 November)
WO/CCBREQ# RFS-1-6533290502
The house bank PLPK2 was created on an emergency basis to support UN's Katowice Climate Change Conference in Poland.


HR: EN - Entitlements

INTTRK-16801 (2 November)
WO/CCBREQ# RFS-1-6469738131
Payroll Area is included as a part of the input file from the MIP outbound interface.


SC: SA - Source to Acquire

INTTRK-16795 (2 November)
New LVA purchasing group is created for UNITAD. 

INTTRK-16530 (16 November)
For Service Purchase Orders, a restriction is enabled during the creation of a SES document. 
An error message is displayed when the value entered for an account assignment of a SES exceeds the value allocated from the associated purchase order account assignment.

INTTRK-16858 (16 November)
WO/CCBREQ# WO-RFS-1-6346034912
New procurement unit 814 - HABITAT Procurement - Iran is created for UN HABITAT. 

INTTRK-17048 (27 November)
It was observed that the time to complete the creation of a shopping cart increased as more items were added by a requisitioner. An update was added to optimise the system checks performed by the system when an item is added to a shopping cart.