Umoja Release Note: 28 August 2016

Umoja Release Note # 2016-020
For the period 22 August 2016 – 28 August 2016

Umoja System Changes


CS: SD - Sales and Distribution

INTTRK-10661 (26 August 2016)
WO/CCBREQ# WO-IM-1-4038124096
It is now possible to attach files to Credit Memo Requests, Debit Memo Requests, Return Orders and Resource Related Billing Orders.

INTTRK-9455 (26 August 2016)
WO/CCBREQ# RFS-1-3878362718
During Sales Order Billing, the "Purchase Order number" field on the Sales Order header is now transferred to the "Assignment" field on the Invoice and on the Accounts Receivable Document to assist in the customer payment clearing process.

CS: TV - Travel Management 

INTTRK-10603 (26 August 2016)
WO/CCBREQ# WO-IM-1-4146878485; WO-IM-1-4147951668
Fixed a defect where the "Ticket Not Provided by U.N." radio button was unable to be selected (clicking it immediately changed the selection to "Commercial Travel Provider"). 

INTTRK-10469 (26 August 2016)
WO/CCBREQ# WO-IM-1-4133669126
The 'Subsistence Allowance' expense type is now only system-populated and not available for user selection upon TR creation. Users may now only use expense type DSAJ - "Subsistence Allowance Adjustment" as necessary. Prior to this change, manual entry of the "regular" Subsistence Allowance expense type was not reflected in the expense report. 

INTTRK-8248 (26 August 2016)
WO/CCBREQ# WO-RFS-1-2415139083, WO-IM-1-4004068260
1. An expense report may no longer be created for trip that has an amendment request pending (this was causing data integrity problems).

2. When an amendment is requested for a travel request which is yet to be approved for the first time by a TPO, such a request will now come to the TPO as a normal travel request submitted for approval. Prior to this change such a request would come as an amendment.

INTTRK-6429 (26 August 2016)
WO/CCBREQ# WO-IM-1-1973413891, WO-RFS-1-3719890434
Mandatory fields in the Estimated Costs Grid are no longer enforced when a bid process is selected or when returning a travel request for revision; they are now only enforced upon 'Approve' and 'Approve and Award' 

FI: AP - Accounts Payable 

INTTRK-9371 (23 August 2016)
WO/CCBREQ# IM-1-3726152461
A change was made to prevent a workflow termination error – the termination was limited to invoices for which the DA1 (AP Peer Reviewer) had correctly removed the "GR Clearing" flag during their review. The termination was occurring at the time the DB1 clicked the Approved button in the workflow.

INTTRK-10561 (25 August 2016)
WO/CCBREQ# WO-RFS-1-4008735248
Payment term Z015 was removed as it was duplicate of payment term Z001. However existing transactions with Z015 cannot be processed further, therefore Z015 has been reinstated with description 'Not In Use' in order to facilitate completion of existing transactions. 

FI: GM - Grants Management

INTTRK-8944 (26 August 2016)
WO/CCBREQ# WO-IM-1-3735874791
After the Cluster 4 went alive, some users have raised the issue of discrepancy between GM Available Budget Balance Report and FM Display Overall Values of Objects (FMAVCR02) in budget consumption. A few updates have been implemented in ZGMRUBDACT in an effort to synchronize GM and FM reports. 

Two key updates in this new version: 

1. Parked accounting documents (Value Type 60) and Budget Relevant Advances (Value Type 61 with statistical indicator R) are included as a part of budget consumption; 
2. Time slice logic is corrected. In previous version, there was no logic difference between the Time Slice and Fiscal Year. In Grant Management, the time slice represents budget phase based on donor agreement. Thus the new version of the report is using "Valid From Date" and "Valid To date" established in budget validity period of Budget Tab in the Grant Master Data. The Fiscal Year represents the transaction posting fiscal year. 

It is worth to mention that even though ZGMRBUDACT and FMAVCR02 are in sync to a large extend the users may still find differences. The following are examples of the causes. 

1) Down-payment request document which isn’t a financial accounting document in SAP is not reflected in ZGMRBUDACT report as the document is not updated in the GM table but it is in FMAVCR02. 

2) When an Unapproved Fund Commitment document (in workflow), the system allows invoice (less than USD 4,000) posting which would cause discrepancy between GM and FM. 

3) Some revaluation documents (FM Amount type 220) are not updated in GM table therefore not reflected in the ZGMRBUDACT. This is being discussed with SAP. 

4) Fiscal year differences between GM and FM will continue to be seen until a planned change is made to an Enhancement program. In the 2015 year end closure, an enhancement had been put in place allowing the users to close Fund Commitments with back dated posting date. Thus, a back dated documents would have a posting date of 31.12.2015 in Fund Management. The same documents in Grant Management would have a system date (transaction date) as posting date. The change to deactivate the program is in progress. 

5) Many Business Trip Commitments are updated differently between GM and FM. While the Umoja team is making efforts to improve the Travel Solution, we also noticed that the discrepancy caused by a Trip is often fixed when an Expense Report is finalized.

TR - Treasury and Cash Management

INTTRK-9890 (26 August 2016)
This update fixes a condition in F110 payment proposal that caused an incorrect FMAVC or GMAVC error to be raised repeating the unrelated result from a previous item. This error caused several items to fall into exception. These items could only be processed by manually running F110 on individual vendors or items (cc-with-log). With the correction in place the error will no longer appear on unrelated items.

HR: EN - Entitlements

INTTRK-9590 (26 August 2016)
WO/CCBREQ# WO-RFS-1-3880907301
Fixed the performance issue in the Entitlement Monitoring Report.

INTTRK-10696 (26 August 2016)
WO/CCBREQ# WO-IM-1-4060129771
When staff members are trying to amend absences/attendances where no Time Manager was selected for e-mail purposes in the original request, they were getting a hard stop “Please Select a Time Manager”. This issue has been resolved and Staff members can now amend the already approved leave request and proceed with selecting a Time Manager for e-mail purposes.

IN: SY - Security

INTTRK-10562 (26 August 2016)
WO/CCBREQ# WO-RFS-1-3755449252
In support of the governance process, create supplier and bidder links in SRM are now not allowed for non MDM data maintainers.

INTTRK-10558 (26 August 2016)
WO/CCBREQ# WO-IM-1-4056458128 
The reassignment of t-codes related to asset impairment and write off (ABAVN, ABAON, ABAA) from the FA.16 (Senior Asset Accountant User) to FA.15 (Asset Accounting User).

INTTRK-8916 (26 August 2016)
WO/CCBREQ# WO-IM-1-1610725875 
Segregation of Duties between functions/roles of Asset Accounting User and Asset Accounting Senior User is implemented for the process of Manual Asset Capitalisation. 

(1) Document is first Created and Parked by Asset Accounting User, using transaction F-90. This is communicated to Asset Accounting Senior User. 
(2) Asset Accounting Senior User selects only relevant AA documents, as communicated by Asset Accounting User, and Posts them, using transaction FBV0.