Umoja Release Note: 22 October 2017

Umoja Release Note # 2017-047
For the period 18 September – 22 October 2017

Umoja System Changes

CS: RE – Real Estate

INTTRK-13751 (29 Sep)
The functionality to Mass Update the Measurement(s) for Architectural Objects has been created. The new program delivered is a critical part of UE2 Real Estate Space Management project (which will be completely deployed towards the end of 2017). This new program will enable users to programmatically create new and/or update the existing measurements of architectural objects. A new custom T-Code, ZRE_MEAS_UPDATE, was created to allow this program to be executed by Real Estate Facility Planners (RE.01) as they update the occupancy and capacity measurements.

INTTRK-14135 (20 Oct)
As a part of the UE2 Real Estate Space Management project (which will be completely deployed towards the year end of 2017), two new measurement types have been configured. The new measurement types will provide the ability to report on the total capacity of the space and the actual occupancy. The new Measurement types configured are called “Head-Count Capacity” and “Occupancy”. The new measurement types allow the users to set the capacity/occupancy of the space for Building/Floor and Rooms as deemed necessary.

CS: TV - Travel Management

INTTRK-13980 (13 Oct)
WO/CCBREQ# WO-RFS-1-5148211092
“Invalid Staff ID” error message has been modified to "Please review the estimated cost grid and ensure that the ‘AIR’ or ‘Train/Bus/Ferry’ expense type being used is associated with the correct staff member and/or family member”.

INTTRK-13992 (20 Oct)
A new expense type for a Visa fee that is not linked to a vendor has been created. The other Visa fee expense linked with a contracted vendor remains as well.

FI: AP - Accounts Payable

INTTRK-13132 (22 Sep)
WO/CCBREQ# WO-IM-1-4846442846
A defect in the UNDP interface program that was resulting in the incorrect calculation of tolerance for 3-decimal currencies (e.g. KWD) has been corrected.

INTTRK-12662 (22 Sep)
WO/CCBREQ# WO-IM-1-4616618788
The UNDP interface program was totaling all lines with the same transaction ID even if the lines had different currencies. The program has been updated to provide a separate total for each currency.

INTTRK-12090 (22 Sep)
WO/CCBREQ# WO-IM-1-4557949318, WO-IM-1-4664727180
Fix was implemented for two defects:

  1. UNDP interface experienced Short Dump termination when SCA file contained currencies with a conversion ratio of 1,000. 
  2. USD equivalent amount for non-USD PO transactions were recalculated by the Interface at the FX rate on the posting date of the interfaced file. The program was fixed to retain the USD equivalent amounts per the SCA file, as this is necessary to facilitate the reconciliation with UNDP.

INTTRK-13999 (25 Sep)
8 new Imprest Funds have been created under BA M030 and COP currency for the UNVMC (Verification Mission in Colombia).

INTTRK-13993 (29 Sep)
WO/CCBREQ# WO-RFS-1-5151661683, WO-RFS-1-5149312378
A new cash journal for UNMISS in Juba has been created. Also, it is confirmed that cash journal 5705 is closed.

INTTRK-13969 (29 Sep)
WO/CCBREQ# WO-RFS-1-5122065101
3 new cash journals have been created (5806 to 5808), 3 have been updated (5343, 5346 & 5349) and 1 has been closed (CJ 5301).

INTTRK-14131 (13 Oct)
WO/CCBREQ# WO-RFS-1-5195311921
2 additional Imprest funds have been created for UNVMC in Florencia and Cucuta using M030 as BA, 10UNA as fund, COP as currency and GMNR as grant.

INTTRK-14086 (13 Oct)
WO/CCBREQ# WO-RFS-1-5185685655
An additional Imprest Fund was created for MC in Florencia using M027 as BA, 10UNA as fund, COP as currency, and GMNR as grant.

FI: FM - Budget Implementation (Funds Mgmt), IN: SY - Security, SC: LE - Logistics Execution, SC: SA - Source to Acquire

INTTRK-13918 (5 Oct)
WO/CCBREQ# RFS-1-5137880511
The new storage location 6100 for Mission UNIFIL (Plant LB10) has been created in order to raise the shopping cart for Security equipment and allow additional purchasing and inventory activities.

FI: FM - Budget Implementation (Funds Mgmt), SC: LE - Logistics Execution, SC: SA - Source to Acquire

INTTRK-13839 (22 Sep)
WO/CCBREQ# IM-1-5135063031
New Storage Locations have been set up as requested. New Storage Location Structure and FM Derivation (Fund/Funds Center) is available in Umoja Job Aids under Logistics Execution as 'Storage Location Design & FM Derivations'.

FI: TR - Treasury and Cash Management

INTTRK-13832 (22 Sep)
WO/CCBREQ# IM-1-5120196335
An issue that had been causing value dates previously changed by a bank signatory to display incorrectly in bnk_moni has now been resolved.

HR: BN - Benefits

INTTRK-13589 (13 Oct)
The new rates applicable as of January 2017 for IMED Group Medical Ins, ISHR Emergency Medical Care Ins, ILTC Long Term Care and Administration Fee have been updated.

HR: PA - Personnel Administration including Workforce Management

INTTRK-13914 (22 Sep)
WIGSI (Step Increment batch) error report now includes only E-Error and excludes those marked 'W-Warning' and 'I-Information' in order to reduce the file size and also assist users to focus only on errors for follow up action.

HR: SS - End User Service Delivery

INTTRK-14018 (6 Oct)
An update has been made in Umoja personal and team calendars; Days recorded as “Present” are now highlighted in green, while “Absent” is in blue.

SC: LE - Logistics Execution

INTTRK-14160 (13 Oct)
New purchasing group T83 has been created to identify the Local Supply Chain Coordinator for the new Mission MINUJUSTH in Stock Transport Order (STO) document (within the new STO process).

SC: LE - Logistics Execution, SC: MM - Materials Management, SC: PM - Plant Maintenance, SC: SA - Source to Acquire

INTTRK-13806 (13 Oct)
WO/CCBREQ# No iNeed - CCBREQ-5850
A new plant (HT11) has been configured in order to allow the operations for the new Mission MINUJUSTH.

SC: PM - Plant Maintenance, SC: SA - Source to Acquire

INTTRK-14058 (20 Oct)
WO/CCBREQ# WO-RFS-1-5140917378
Description and address of Plant SN20 updated to UNOWAS - UN Off for W Africa &the Sahel

SC: SA - Source to Acquire

INTTRK-13970 (22 Sep)
Purchasing Groups for UN Mission Colombia have been renamed as follow: 

  • 248 UN Colombia Proc rename to UNVMC Procurement 
  • 249 UN Colombia LVA rename to UNVMC LVA 
  • 250 UN Colombia HR CIC rename to UNVMC HR CIC

INTTRK-13887 (22 Sep)
WO/CCBREQ# WO-RFS-1-5085579811, WO-RFS-1-5097281158
New LVA purchasing groups are available for HABITAT and OCHA 

  • 882- OCHA LVA - Yaoundé 
  • 812-HABITAT LVA – Damascus

INTTRK-13816 (22 Sep)
WO/CCBREQ# WO-IM-1-5026597252
Corrects a defect in SRM where the GL displayed was not updated when a service category was changed due to a modification of an items' product ID.

INTTRK-13997 (6 Oct)
New mission MINUJUSTH has the following purchasing groups: 

  • 175 MINUJUSTH Proc-1 (Goods and Services) 
  • 176 MINUJUSTH Proc-2 (Intra/Inter Transfers from other missions) 
  • 178 MINUJUSTH Low Value

INTTRK-13048 (13 Oct)
WO/CCBREQ# SAP Max Attention Recommendation
Improved the performance for Active Queries submitted from SRM, for Purchase Orders and Shopping Carts by setting the time-frame to 7 days for the initial query.

INTTRK-12603 (20 Oct)
An enhancement has been applied to ML81N - Service Entry Sheets to restrict the ability to modify account assignment details. This change will ensure that Service Entry account assignment data will match Purchase Order account assignment entries.