Umoja Release Note: 19 February 2017

Umoja Release Note # 2017-036
For the period 13 – 19 February 2017

Umoja System Changes

FI: AP - Accounts Payable

INTTRK-12323 (17 February)
WO/CCBREQ# WO-RFS-1-4638579147        
New payment term for PD - Z064-within 30 days 1.5% cash discount, net due within 45 days has been created.

INTTRK-12291 (17 February)
WO/CCBREQ# WO-RFS-1-4632743531        
OCHA cash journal 5403 has been updated. The location for Libya office is in Tunisia and TND as currency. The other fields remain unchanged. 

INTTRK-12289 (17 February)
WO/CCBREQ# WO-RFS-1-4629996283        
Cash journal 5737 for OCHA in Yemen has been updated for the location and currency, while the other fields (BA, fund, & grant) remain the same. 

FI: GM - Grants Management

INTTRK-11698 (17 February)
WO/CCBREQ# WO-RFS-1-4424023143        
A new validation rule at the time of GM relationship creation has been added. This rule will prevent a child grant from being linked to more than one parent grant.

HR: CT - Central Master Tables

INTTRK-12280 (16 February)
WO/CCBREQ# WO-IM-1-4627976427    
The following changes have been implemented in production: 

  1. The gross salary for P-3 06 is being corrected from 81,835 to 81,836 
  2. Revised retirement benefit amount for SG effective 1 Feb 2017 
  3. Revised DSG salary effective 1 Jan 2017 and pensionable remuneration effective 1 Feb 2017 
  4. Pensionable remuneration for ASG, USG - effective 1 Feb 2017 
  5. Extend Special leave with pay and without pay - Dynamic action change 
  6. Education grant EVE eligibility for employee group 5 
  7. Pensionable remuneration for Z AJUDGE - effective 1 Feb 2017

HR: OM - Organization Management

INTTRK-9730 (17 February)
Due to business needs, it is necessary to mark positions for specific purposes or under special circumstances, to allow HR partners and OM administrators better manage (and be aware of) status of positions: 

  1. Positions which are qualified for Mobility 
  2. Downsizing Mission Positions 

HR: PY - Payroll

INTTRK-12364 (15 February)
Updated pay dates for February 2017.

INTTRK-12414 (17 February)
WO/CCBREQ# WO-IM-1-4646824572
Corrections to GL account mapping for ECLAC Postal and Medical Services deductions, as well as for Local Staff Mission Accommodation deduction.

HR: PY - Payroll, FI: TR - Treasury and Cash Management

INTTRK-11982 (17 February)
WO/CCBREQ# WO-IM-1-4515103346, IM-1-4630173107
Update of Payroll house bank determination as requested by UNHQ Treasury. Several currencies were added and the house bank in Liberia was switched to LRUA2.

PP: PJ - Project Management, FI: CO - Cost Accounting (Controlling), FI: FA - Fixed Assets (Asset Accounting)

INTTRK-12417 (18 February)
WO/CCBREQ# WO-IM-1-4462761159
Settlements of Down Payments to Investment Measures (Ref. Assets und Construction - WBS Element and/or Investment Order) are now suppressed. The system will no longer try to settle any such Down Payment to WBS Element in the Project, or the AuC. Instead, only final cost/expense (as of GR/SES) will be settled, and in full. Standard financial activities (automatic down payment clearing, invoice offsetting, etc.) will be done without changes.

SC: SA - Source to Acquire

INTTRK-12303 (13 February)
WO/CCBREQ# WO-RFS-1-4613813575
Deactivation of the inbound interface from the Procurement Division's Contract Administration Tracking System (CATS) to Umoja.  As all contract call-off activities are consolidated within Umoja (since Cluster 4 deployment), there is no longer a need to update contract usage values from CATS feeds.

INTTRK-12216 (17 February)
WO/CCBREQ# WO-RFS-1-4328172807, WO-RFS-1-4602959869
Configure New Purchasing Groups for OSESGY (OSESGY Procurement, OSESGY HR CIC, OSESGY Low Value) and GM MONUSCO