Umoja Release Note: 18 September 2016

Umoja Release Note # 2016-023
For the period 12 September 2016 – 18 September 2016

Umoja System Changes

FI: AP - Accounts Payable

INTTRK-10977 (16 September 2016)
WO/CCBREQ#  WO-RFS-1-4187677469
Cash journals 5754, 5755 & Imprest Account 2124 with currency COP for SPM in Colombia have been created accordingly. The fund 10UNA and the Grant GMNR.

INTTRK-10970  (16 September 2016)
WO/CCBREQ# WO-RFS-1-4181185541
We have created cash journals CJ-5752 with currency XOF in Senegal and CJ-5753 with currency KHR in Cambodia for UNODC. The Fund is 32ADK and Grant is M1-32ADK-000001 for both cash journals. 

INTTRK-10962  (16 September 2016)
WO/CCBREQ# WO-RFS-1-4116518390
Cash journal 5099 has been closed. Data can only be displayed.

FI: TR - Treasury and Cash Management

INTTRK-9810  (15 September 2016)
WO/CCBREQ#  IM-1-3935981971
The following items are addressed with this change: 

1) Payment reference details for multiple invoices (up to 4 invoices) and reference to payment advice if more than four invoices are paid by one transaction.
2) Correctly reflect bank and branch identification for Nigeria Standard Chartered House Bank; pending consequent successful validation of the end-to-end process in production.
3) Enable payments from FI-AR module (Accounts Receivable).
4) Further improve the reporting for the solution implemented by Standard Chartered for payments to Somalia. The BP number and BP name are now mapped to the XML file. 
5) Changes required for UBS (Switzerland) to allow for XML Wire payments; pending consequent successful validation of the end-to-end process in production. 
6) Implement changes required by Standard Chartered to allow for payment automation in Pakistan pending consequent successful validation of the end-to-end process in production.
7) Remove special characters from Names and Addresses similar to the standard SAP implementation for SEPA Payments. This change will reduce the number of manual corrections needed in Citidirect and other online bank systems. For example the following test name "A-B.TE&Cie/;,.(test)Nçèéàül" will be transmitted to the banks as:
All special characters are removed. Spanish, French or German specific characters are replaced by the appropriate english language character or character sequence (é-> e or ü -> ue). 
8) Bank chain option has been enabled for KWCI2 House Bank.

IN: SY - Security

INTTRK-8890 (16 September 2016)
Added the required Authorization object in the ZFBV4. New WF was created when crossing fiscal years and remained with the original workflow group; also it did not re-route based on routing location of closing user.