Umoja Release Note: 17 July 2016

Umoja Release Note # 2016-014
For the period 11 July 2016 – 17 July 2016


Umoja System Changes


CS: TV - Travel Management 

INTTRK-9980        (13 July 2016)
WO/CCBREQ#        CCBREQ-4359
Creation and maintenance of travel events is now available to those with the TV.06 role (Travel and Shipment Administrator Non-Staff), via T-Code ZTVV_TRVL_EVENT. 

Please see the job aid for Events Maintenance at

FI: AR - Accounts Receivable 

INTTRK-9675        (15 July 2016)
WO/CCBREQ#        WO-RFS-1-3908804332
Report ZARAGING has been modified to improve column names to more clearly identify columns in Document Currency (DC) and Local Currency (LC).

HR: OM - Organization Management 

INTTRK-10379        (12 July 2016)
WO/CCBREQ#        N/A
Currently in Production, users are not able to create a Military/Police position in the portal or ECC because the Pay Scale Type and Area combination are missing. This enhancement is to add MS for all Personnel Subarea/Duty Station for Colombia by updating ZHRV_VALID_COMB and ZOMV_POSI_PA_PY tables.

HR: PY – Payroll 

INTTRK-10422        (15 July 2016)
WO/CCBREQ#        WO-IM-1-4053249895
Currently in Production, when HR partners request Assignment Grant DSA portion for GS who returned from the Field as FS, the amount and percentage is incorrect although the total amount is correct. This enhancement fixes this problem.

HR: EN – Entitlements 

INTTRK-9930        (24 June 2016)
WO/CCBREQ#        N/A
The mobility report was enhanced to include mobility and non-expiration dates.

IN: SY – Security 

INTTRK-9394        (15 July 2016)
WO/CCBREQ#        CCBREQ-4194
SRM is updated to only display Solicitation (RFx) documents to staff who are procurement buyers, buyer supervisors and bid floor administrators.

SC: PM - Plant Maintenance 

INTTRK-10013        (15 July 2016)
WO/CCBREQ#        WO-RFS-1-3960650396
Service Order print output now includes the following new fields: 

- Description of the functional location
- Technical ID number