Umoja Release Note: 13 November 2016

Umoja Release Note # 2016-028
For the period 5 November 2016 – 13 November 2016

Umoja System Changes

HR: BN - Benefits

INTTRK-10564 (11 November 2016)
The Umoja data extract that NHIIS receives has been amended as follows:

  • Person Bank file: Added the IBAN field. In most cases NHIIS payments are done through IBAN. The account number alone is not sufficient and causes many payments to fail thus we have added the IBAN in addition to the account number. 
  • Paying member file: Added the real contract expiry_date ( Valid until date in IT0016) of the person. The contract expiry date we received previously was the auto-generated 31.12.9999 which is not useful. The contract expiry date is important for UNSMIS- NHIIS to issue attestations and membership cards (used to check the validity of coverage by health providers like hospitals, doctors, etc).

HR: EN - Entitlements

INTTRK-10919 (11 November 2016)
WO/CCBREQ# WO-RFS-1-3187071743
Education grant proration logic has been revised to ensure the total proration equals the sum of split proration in cases where there is change in duty station during the school year period. The split proration is calculated for designated / non-designated boarding and ceiling amounts due to change in duty station.

IN: IN – Integrated Components Other

INTTRK-11451 (11 November 2016)
Umoja to EIDMS outbound interface of HR Master data has been enhanced to include Employee group and Employee sub group fields.