Umoja Release Note: 01 June – 30 June 2019

Umoja Release Note # 2019-065
For the period 01 June – 30 June 2019

Umoja System Changes

CS > TV - Travel Management  

RFC-6200000706        (18 Jun)
External Reference        WO-IM-1-7120574236
This is to adjust the logic for certain entitlement travel request approval and creation processes in order to avoid potential runtime errors due to the layout change.

RFC-6200000420        (17 Jun)
External Reference        WO-IM-1-6962674570
When the mode of transportation is different from Commercial aircraft or Rail, the system considers the trip as non-commercial and defaults the "Tickets issued through" field to "Ticket not provided by UN", disabling any expense related to tickets (including self-ticket).
This is now adjusted in order to allow also the selection of Self-ticket and the possibility of adding self-ticket expenses for airfare and train/bus/boat.

RFC-6200000418        (17 Jun)
External Reference        WO-RFS-1-6962287013
When the TPO amends a Travel Request after the TSA requested the amendment, the TPO is able to edit/delete already posted expenses. This is now adjusted to prevent any potential change to already posted expenses. 

RFC-6100000260        (28 Jun)
External Reference        CCBREQ-6728, CCBREQ-6538
This change is part of the regular process required when new TPO non-commercial is requested. new Tech role needs to be created. TV.20 technical role is created for UNMHA and UNITAD, 2 newest SPM established.

RFC-6100000246        (28 Jun)
External Reference        N/A
“Premium Economy” is added as an option to TPO in the drop-down menu of the Class of Service field in the Estimated Cost Grid. ***This option is available only if the voluntary downgrade option has been selected as “Yes”.

FI > AP - Account Payable

RFC-6100000437        (28 Jun)
External Reference        WO-RFS-1-5840381815
A new VAT code - 15% Reimbursable Rate is updated for South Africa.

FI > BD - Budget Formulation

RFC-6100000120        (14 Jun)
External Reference        N/A
The report will show the staff related expenditure by commitment item, cost object and duty station. The report will be used to calculate the CSC rate to be used in the Standard Salary Cost calculation for budgetary purposes. 

FI > FI - Finance Other

RFC-6100000385        (28 Jun)
External Reference        WO-IM-1-6874882996, WO-IM-1-6884879368, WO-IM-1-6933016033
Peacekeeping mission MINUSTAH was closed and succeeded by another mission MINUJUSTH. They both use the same fund in Umoja (20HSA). Member States approved the return of credit amounts for MINUSTAH but it can’t be automatically used for MINUJUSTH. Therefore, there is a situation where there are credits and assessments in the same fund that cannot be linked automatically when sending the assessment letters. As a result, the Contributions Section has been manually modifying each relevant letter.
This request is to modify the code for the assessment letter type “PKA” to include logic that says if the assignment contains PC*, exclude from the “amount in suspense/credit “and “total payable” portions of our assessment letter.

RFC-6200000537        (26 Jun)
External Reference        WO-IM-1-6874882996, WO-IM-1-6884879368, WO-IM-1-6933016033
The security role tcode ZGLPRKDOCSTATCHANGE was added to role ZEFS:FI:ZZ:PRD_SPT(FI Production Support User).

RFC-6100000421        (20 Jun)
External Reference        N/A
Additional tables are added to HANA view to facilitate reporting on Status of Member State Contributions:
1. SOC_UMJ_SUMM_CURRYEAR – this is a table containing balances for the current calendar year for each mission with the breakdown of collections by month
2. SOC_UMJ_SUMM_MONTH – this is a table containing balances for each calendar year from 2016 up to now with the breakdown of collections by month
3. SOC_UMJ_SUMM_PK_MONTH – this is a table containing balances for each PK financial year from 2016 up to now with the breakdown of collections by month. Months for PK FY start from July to June, in other words, coll_01 is for the month of July for the respective PK FY, coll_06 is for December and so on. 

FI > GM - Grants Management

RFC-6200000406        (20 Jun)
External Reference        WO-RFS-1-6957863718
New Accrued expense account 35109820 has been created and GM global settings are updated accordingly. 

FI > GR - Grantor Management 

RFC-6200000687        (20 Jun)
External Reference        N/A
While MDM users try to assign "Internet User" role during the creation of contact person we get an error "You are not authorized to maintain user data". Grantor management MDM BP role is updated with activity "01-Add or Create" in authorization object "S_USER_GRP".

RFC-6200000682        (28 Jun)
External Reference        N/A
The GL accounts mapped against the expense types in the derivation rules was wrong and it is now corrected. 

RFC-6200000653        (12 Jun)
External Reference        N/A
Incorrect update of the open item (ERP) and cleared item (ERP) amounts on Agreement when payment currency is different from Agreement currency. SAP notes 2798510 and 2248609 are implemented in ECC as a recommendation from SAP.

RFC-6200000590        (12 Jun)
External Reference        N/A
This is to update transaction number range buffer to 1 for all transaction object (Application/Agreement/Claim) as a recommendation from SAP. 

FI > TR - Treasury and Cash Management 

RFC-6100000350        (28 Jun)
External Reference        WO- RFS-1-7031285299
The below House Banks are closed in Umoja as requested:  USCI2, USCI6, USCI7, USCI8, USCI9.

RFC-6100000457        (28 Jun)
External Reference        WO-RFS-1-7080656389
The following account has zero balance and the bank has confirmed closure in Umoja:
Citibank US 
RFC-6200000464        (24 Jun)
External Reference        WO- IM-1-6955268546
The following accounts are closed in Umoja as requested by Treasury:
1.    36934913 USD United Nations (USCI5) Citibank
2.    36343937 USD United Nations (USCIC) Citibank

RFC-6200000417        (4 Jun)
External Reference        WO-RFS-1-6967892301
This is to update the house bank account number (GA, SN, BI) to the IBAN number (SNxxxxx00101). Also to update BIIN1 house bank in Umoja from:  701-712-80-02-77 to 701-071280-02-77. 

HR > BN - Benefits 

RFC-6200000754        (28 Jun)
External Reference        N/A
This is to fix issues with Census Data extract (Insurance Audit Report) for Active Staff.

RFC-6200000638        (28 Jun)
External Reference        WO-IM-1-7080422290
This is to update HQ insurance and ASHI rates effective on 1.7.2019. 

RFC-6200000630        (3 Jun)
External Reference        N/A
Tcode ZBN_HPTOOL is assigned to security role HR:BN Senior Admin AHI. 

RFC-6100000282        (6 Jun)
External Reference        WO-IM-1-7028461951
A message in the ESS portal is included for life insurance in which the staff member applying for life insurance must submit an insurance application. The message that has been decided on and it includes the hyperlink to the insurance website and the hyperlink to the application: “You must complete the Life Insurance application for your beneficiaries to be recognized.  The Insurance website has the application.”

HR > CT - Central Master Tables

RFC-6200000660        (6 Jun)
External Reference        WO-RFS-1-7088768432
Bogota, Colombia maximum rent levels effective 1 March 2019 is updated. 

RFC-6200000654        (4 Jun)
External Reference        WO-RFS-1-7088384672
The Gross Pensionable salaries of PIA salary scale for New York effective 1 November 2018 is updated. 

RFC-6200000643        (6 Jun)
External Reference        WO-RFS-1-7083480442
Netherlands Salary Scale (GS 66 and NO 12) both effective 1 May 2018 are updated for June 2019 payroll.  Also, the entitlement date for the Annex 1 to previous scales effective 1 May 2017 for gross pensionable salaries, the date is changed to 1 May 2017 instead of 1 May 2019.

RFC-6200000603        (10 Jun)
External Reference        WO-RFS-1-7062618151
For scales in Zambia, the current automation tool does not support partial grandfathering. Montenegro scales is configured in all related tables (t510G, T510F, T510_PSRCL, T510) as they do not exist previously.

HR > HR - Human Resources Other

RFC-6200000664        (24 Jun)
External Reference        N/A
Following programs/objects has hardcoded username in the code which are not necessary:
2. Z_CHANGE_SY_UNAME=============E
They are now removed. 

RFC-6100000267        (20 Jun)
External Reference        N/A
Below roles are added to PA.34 Enterprise Role. These are additional functionalities required to be performed by the Senior HR Super Partner support users centralized in NY.  Specifically, we are faced with ongoing issues related to workflows (locked, in error, sent to separated staff, reserved, etc). They result in staff members not being able to raise more ESS requests, especially leave. 
 The specific changes required to the PA.34 role are as follows:
1.    Technical Roles added to PA.34 Enterprise Role:
Technical Role T-Code Description Purpose
ZEFS:HR:TM:SUPR_ADM * HR:TM Super Time Administrator Display Time Data and Reports
ZEFS:IN:TE:WKFL_ADM:HR * IN:ZZ - Workflow Administration Troubleshoot work flows, best in conjunction with ZSSLEAMON & ZTMLEAVEMON
ZEDS:FI:AP:CMMN_DSP *  FI:AP - Common Display Cross-reference duplicate Index Numbers for open items in FI
2.    Transactions added to Technical Role : ZEFS:HR:PA:SENIOR_SUPR_PTNRSUP Senior HR Super Partner Support
PT40 Time Management Pool Review Time Management data, processes, workflows
PT_ERL00  Time Evaluation Messages:  Display Analysis
PT_DSH20  Display Work Schedule
PT66 Display Time Evaluation Results (Cluster B2)
ZSSLEAMON Leave Monitor
PC00_M99_CWTR  Wage type Report
ZINTE_WF_ANALYZE  Analyze User Pending Items "Review user access, HR partner derivation, relationships to org units etc
Identifies which Service Org (Derived HRP) will maintain staff in the Organizational Unit "
ZSYROLE  User Provisioning Utility
ZSYIDM User Provisioning Report
SU01D Display Umoja User
ZIN_SSC  Service Model Org Units; Umoja Shared Service Center: HR

HR > OM - Organization Management

RFC-6200000670        (20 Jun)
External Reference        WO-IM-1-7067778295
User with OM.01-RCS reported that he is not able to see structural data for any org unit associated with the RC System.
Upon initial investigation, there are three (3) HR-OM technical roles with the incorrect Org Unit - 20006105.
The correct Org Unit is 20016105. This request processed the correction.

HR > PA - Personnel Administration including Workforce 

RFC-6100000355        (21 Jun)
External Reference        WO-RFS-1-6786693123, CCBREQ-6533
This is to accurately record a change in the category when a staff member is appointed from a National Officer to Professional category P. Requesting a change in existing Personnel Action 'Change in Category' to include the reason for action 'NO to P'. The reason for action should consist of the following info groups (same as FS to P);
0001 Org Assignment -Copy
0016 Contract Elements -Copy
0008 Basic Pay - Copy
9003/0302 Entitlements Monitoring - Change

HR > PY - Payroll

INTTRK-16592        (10 Jun)
External Reference        N/A
This is to enable users to submit leave when payroll Area is locked for Payroll operations. Also, enable Managers to approve Leave in MSS during Payroll Lock.

HR > SS - End User Service Delivery

RFC-6200000344        (27 Jun)
External Reference        N/A
Some updates have been made in Fiori Leave App: 
-    when more than one day is selected, half day checkbox is disabled 
-    Label select e-mail approve is renamed as Select Approver
-    Payslip visibility issue is fixed 

HR > TM - Time Management 

RFC-6200000663        (19 Jun)
External Reference        WO-RFS-1-7090467092
This is to update Holiday Calendar for Budapest, Hungary, and Tanzania. Also, Work Schedule for Montreal is changed as requested. 

RFC-6200000601        (3 Jun)
External Reference        WO-RFS-1-7046094687, WO-IM-1-7059104841
Part Time Work Schedule for Geneva and Montreal are updated. 

RFC-6200000598        (6 Jun)
External Reference        WO-RFS-1-7057004407, WO-RFS-1-7057004508, WO-RFS-1-7057004175, WO-RFS-1-7057004286
Holiday Calendars for 2019 are created for the following locations: 
Beira (MZ), Georgetown (GY), Port Moresby (PG), Moroni (KM)

RFC-6100000441        (21 Jun)
External Reference        WO-RFS-1-7114282892
Holiday Calendars in all PA/PSA is configured correctly for proper evaluation of attendances/absences and wage types affected by TM (CTO). These changes affect staff in duty stations in Iraq, Cyprus, and Guinea-Bissau.

IN > BS - Basis 

RFC-6200000674        (10 Jun)
External Reference        N/A
SAPs reviewed our SolMan (P2S) configuration in order to implement the DVM Workcenter.
As part of their checking, they noticed that the following two notes are missing:
1482296 - DVM Service: analyzed data volume incorrect (Oracle)
2728031 - SAP Solution Manager 7.2 SP08: Central correction note for Data Volume Management.
This request is to implement the above notes into P2S.

IN > BW - Business Warehouse 

RFC-6200000559        (14 Jun)
External Reference        WO-IM-1-7048370798
This is to optimize the process chain for PA and OM data loads such that they run in parallel and are completed within the expected time.

RFC-6100000377        (13 Jun)
External Reference        N/A
4 additional Grants are excluded from the UN Grants Dashboard as requested by UNDOC. The following object is moved to Production:

IN > ES - Enterprise Structure 

RFC-6100000269        (28 Jun)
External Reference        WO-RFS-1-6900372622
A change in the country name from the PM of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia to the PM of the Republic of North Macedonia was provided as per official communication from the Permanent Mission dated 14 February 2019.
With immediate effect, the following changes are made to the country name:
1) Country short name: North Macedonia
2) Country long name: Republic of North Macedonia
3) Nationality short name: Macedonian
4) Nationality long name: of the Republic of North Macedonia

IN > IN - Integrated Components Other 

RFC-6100000327        (26 Jun)
External Reference        N/A
When users are provisioned access to Fiori Launchpad and with the roll out of the Leave Request app, when a user who is not part of the Pilot Rollout, he/she might access the Fiori Launchpad. In that scenario, the launchpad will not have any tiles. A custom message is now displayed when the user has no tiles. And this custom message is configurable.

RFC-6100000326        (3 Jun)
External Reference        N/A
This Change relates to the implementation of the Standard Change Process within the ChaRM process. The requirements for this has been provided from the Release Manager and will be implemented in a phased approach whereby BI team will benefit from this change type immediately.

IN > SM - Solution Manager  

RFC-6200000692        (24 June)
External Reference        N/A
Reporting Data is extracted from SAP delivered Info Providers related to Test Suite. The issue has been identified that data extraction does not reflect the correct Defect status. 
Incident was raised with SAP regarding this issue (Incident 348328/2019) and SAP advised to apply the following note: "SAPnote 2675158 -Collective Note Test Suite: corrections on ST 720" SP08.

RFC-6200000651        (6 June)
External Reference        N/A
When clicking Package-A top execute TestCase1-3, it actually opens TestCase4-5… and vice versa. This is the case with just 2 test packages assigned. If there are more test packages assigned (previous testers will be in this situation) then it’s a bigger issue.
To resolve this issue, an SAP Note 2747529 is applied in D2S/Q2S and P2S.

RFC-6200000278        (6 June)
External Reference        N/A
We notice that the Change Documents are being created directly in CHaRM which needs to be disabled. Modifications have been made to UI to disable the Create Buttons for Change Documents. 

RFC-6200000194        (13 June)
External Reference        N/A
Multiple Text Types are added for Request for Change, including Release Notes and other text types. Also, fields are added for Change Classification. 

RFC-6200000099        (6 June)
External Reference        N/A
The search function is enabled for FRICEW in Solution Manager ChaRM. 

RFC-6200000068        (26 June)
External Reference        N/A
The users have reported issues that ChaRM Search is not displaying the complete list of Change Document and Change Request. After research, we implemented SAP Note 2595952.

RFC-6100000364        (4 June)
External Reference        N/A
A new enterprise role is created for ChaRM Display only. 

IN - IN > SY - Security 

RFC-6200000719        (28 Jun)
External Reference        N/A
The logic to look for Role Owners field marked X and route to these individuals based on role group (i.e. CSS, HR, FIN, etc.) is updated. 

RFC-6200000605        (26 Jun)
External Reference        N/A
Users are able to see sensitive data where spool data exists in tcode SM37. This request is to tighten the security restrictions by removing access from all requested roles. 

RFC-6200000593        (3 Jun)
External Reference        N/A
The Z Basis Admin tech role exists in all Production environments except P2S. It is now created for P2S and added to the Basis Admin Support enterprise roles.

RFC-6100000424        (21 Jun)
External Reference        N/A
The following TCodes are added to BPC admin enterprise role:
RSA1                  READ
RSD1                  READ
SE11                  READ
SE16                  READ
SE80                  READ
SM37                  READ
SE38                  READ
SE24                  READ

PP > PG - Programme Management 

RFC-6200000429        (20 Jun)
External Reference        N/A
This change includes bug fixes/minor enhancements for SMA 1.1.9. 
RFC-6200000412        (13 Jun)
External Reference        N/A
Strategy Viewer role is added to provide read-only views of SMA strategic frameworks to senior managers. 

SC > LE - Logistics Execution 

RFC-6200000671        (19 Jun)
External Reference        WO-IM-1-7048862856
Three missing technical roles are created from parent role ZEFP:SC:MM:GDS_ISUE, for the ff. new entities:
The new technical roles are required to replace the current mapping of ZEFS:SC:MM:GDS_ISUE, which has no restriction.

RFC-6100000305        (10 Jun)
External Reference        CCBREQ-6750
The UN currently eliminate a certain category of inventory items from the financial statements, currently, we don’t have a way to consistently identify these items.
These, eliminated items, are equipment items held as inventory that are below the capitalization thresholds for fixed assets. That is non-ZAST equipment materials held in inventory.
The elimination is done centrally by accounts division as a top side adjustment for financial statement purposes to the manual inventory GL accounts.
In Galileo these were called NEP (i.e. NEP, Non-Expendable, with EXP expenditure type, items that were below IPSAS capitalization thresholds) and EP items (not serialized-equipment).
Note: Fixed assets in Galileo (capitalized NEP-IPSAS) and ZAST materials in Umoja are reported as non-current assets and do not form part of the inventory balances (these materials are non-valuated in Umoja as the value is carried in Fixed Asset records).
The non-ZAST equipment items that need to be excluded are currently both serialized and non-serialised items. The serialized items are easy to identify as they have a serialization profile but for the non-serialized items are difficult to identify.
In 2018 vol.2 financial statements the only way to identify the non-serialised equipment items was by excluding certain material groups (under ZSAA) that mostly included items. This method really only provided an estimate. The BoA provided an emphasis on material in relation to inventory balances for vol2 in 2018. One of the findings was that a more specific method to identify Non-ZAST equipment must be developed so that the item could be identified at the material level.
What is needed is some sort of flag on the Material Master that would help identify these items. This could be something as simple as a checkbox or a new serialization profile (NOTE if it was a serialization profile no serial number or tacking is necessary). At the material level, this indicator must be consistent.
1. New dummy serialization profile (ZENS) in Plant data/Stor. 2 material master view, is configured in SAP.
2. Subtask: Identify all existing items that need the indicator and update of existing materials (DMSPC-GAMPS will create a policy document to help this process).
3. Ensuring that MdM process for the creation of new materials ensures that this field is populated for new Material Masters.

RFC-6100000290        (13 Jun)
External Reference        WO-RFS-1-6920441240
 A new Storage Location (SLOC) for Plant CY10 linked to fund/fund center 20CUA-10180 - UNFICYP Safety & Security is created as a request from UNFICYP. 

RFC-6200000723        (26 Jun)
External Reference        WO-IM-1-7121388699
Description RD.14 (RECEIVE_TO_DISTRIBUTE: LOCAL_SUPPLY_CHAIN_COORDINATOR) created for GDP is currently missing three (3) technical roles for the ff. Plants:
The enterprise roles exist in Production, as part of the GDP Operating Model, but without the derived technical role for Stock Requisition Creation - Stock Transport (ZEFD:SC:SA:STK_REQ_CR:STR:[plant]). This is now fixed. 

SC > PM - Plant Maintenance 

RFC-6100000169        (22 Jun)
External Reference        CCBREQ-5581
CarLog system is installed on the vehicles in most of the PK/SPM missions for recording vehicle usage (odometer readings) and other data, like fuel readings which are not in the scope of the required data exchange.
The odometer readings from Carlog (in scope of the new interface) are then automatically transferred to the respective Mission CarLog Server. There is an integration between Carlog Server at each mission and the Galileo database which facilitates the transfer of these readings to Galileo.
The decommissioning of Galileo system and the consequent migration of the Galileo Functionalities to Umoja platform require to build a new interface between Carlog Server and Umoja in order to support the upload of odometer readings into Umoja (in the form of measurement documents) mainly for supporting the preventive maintenance process.
A PI interface between CarLog Server and Umoja is developed to support a unidirectional data flow.

SC > SA - Source to Acquire 

RFC-6200000684        (28 Jun)
External Reference        WO-IM-1-7062682267
Buyer is unable to publish an RFx document due to error 'New opening time is earlier than old opening time'. This request is to enable the ability to amend the RFx opening date which precedes the published opening date. OSS Note 2800179 is implemented to resolve this issue.

RFC-6100000469        (28 Jun)
External Reference        WO-RFS-1-7114297054
OPPBA has submitted new rates for Standard Cost which will be effective July 1st 2019. The rates are entered as a manual activity to the standard associated cost table ZSCT_STD_COST in ECC. Relevant plant, account assignment category, incoterms, and new rates are updated. 

RFC-6100000400        (28 Jun)
External Reference        WO-RFS-1-5705187986
In SRM users are able to place orders to stock (Direct material PO) without storage location which means the coding block can be out of sync. As when they enter the GR they select the SLOC and the SLOC selected could be related to a different fund and fund center than the PO.
In one case, a SRM user selected Direct Material in SRM then used 10RCR as the fund. When it was delivered they selected a SLOC mapped to 10UNA. All issuances posted from 10UNA, the balance remaining in 10RCR (which was not mapped for inventory management).
A Control is needed in SRM to ensure that if a user selects Direct Material Procurement that they cannot manually enter a fund and fund center. They must be driven to select a SLOC only.
Given the large increase in locations procuring for direct material since GDP the risk of this error has significantly increased.
A Control is added in SRM to ensure that if a user selects Direct Material Procurement that they cannot manually enter a fund and fund center. It will be driven to select an existing SLOC only. Furthermore, they will not be able to change the coding block associated with the SLOC.

RFC-6200000619        (10 Jun)
External Reference        WO-IM-1-7067635948
This is a change during the creation/modification of SRM RFx documents to allow 0 price for RFx Responses by changing the error message to a warning.
RFC-6200000617        (10 Jun)
External Reference        WO-IM-1-7070789003
The item line text (supplier/internal) is not transferred to a RFx line item when sourcing cockpit is used to create a SRM RFx document. The end user is required to retype in the internal note.
Therefore this is to configure in SRM the transfer of the internal note from the shopping cart line item to the RFx line item.

RFC-6200000592        (13 Jun)
External Reference        WO-IM-1-7020227763, WO-RFS-1-7043745650
This is to create Purchasing Groups for:
RCS - Resident Coordinator System:
DGC - Department of Global Communication: 
495 DGC Hub-Beirut LVA
496 DGC Hub-Dakar LVA
497 DGC Hub-Mexico LVA
498 DGC Hub-New Delhi LVA

RFC-6200000454        (20 Jun)
External Reference        WO-RFS-1-6803018331
When a PO is rejected by an approver, the work item should be routed back to the user who has last changed the PO. This is currently happening if the approver does not add any rejection text prior to rejection. If the approver adds a text and rejects the PO, the adjust work item is being sent back to the approver which is incorrect. This request fixed the issue. 

SC > TM - Transportation Management  

RFC-6200000614        (13 Jun)
External Reference        N/A
When we plan FU(s) on transportation cockpit screen in our production environment (P1T/100), without refreshing the screen, planned FU disappeared from the screen though it should be there on the screen with planned status (double green arrow sign). This is now corrected by implementing SAP Note 2795704. 

RFC-6100000308        (13 Jun)
External Reference        N/A
Currently, COE planning results are showing a mix of air and sea and in some cases, the planner prefers to see only Sea to avoid clutter and to promote consolidations. New Planning Profile is created and the technical role is amended to fix this issue.