Umoja Release Note: 01 December – 31 December 2018


Umoja Release Note # 2018-061

For the period 01 December – 31 December 2018

Umoja System Changes


FI: TR - Treasury and Cash Management  


INTTRK-17248                       (28 Dec)
WO/CCBREQ#                       RFS-1-5120196231


Treasury has switched from MT103 to MT202 for funding bank accounts. This change enables direct funding using MT202 messages to MACI1 and PKSC1 house banks.


INTTRK-15975                       (28 Dec)
WO/CCBREQ#                       CCBREQ-6100


This change enables several new features in MT202 for bank to bank transfers, Treasury Module payments as well as payments to counterparties.


The change enables master data controlled intermediary banks, account with (both including account numbers) and tag 72.


HR: OM - Organization Management, HR: PA - Personnel Administration including Workforce Management


INTTRK-16433                       (14 Dec)
WO/CCBREQ#                       CCBREQ-6495, CCBREQ-6501


New versions of the reports ZOMREPORT1 and ZOMREPBUDGET have been released. The new reports, ZOMREPORT2 and ZOMREPBUDGET2 respectively, improve the performance and are more flexible than the previous versions. The user can predefine various layouts (which columns to show) and the reports are easier to save as excel. The reports also provide additional fields to be used as filters.


SC: PM - Plant Maintenance


INTTRK-14614                       (7 Dec)

WO/CCBREQ#                       CCBREQ-5053, WO-RFS-1-4294410990


Umoja Preventive Maintenance functionality has been deployed at UNHQ and five OAH's and Regional Commissions. The Preventive Maintenance module will now include cost recovery as a unique method for reimbursement of maintenance costs. To effect this, the Maintenance Order release strategy has been amended. Please refer to training material published on iSeek for details:


SC: SA - Source to Acquire


INTTRK-17259                       (31 Dec)

WO/CCBREQ#                       TBC


In support of the org reform initiative, old DM, DFS and DPKO purchasing groups were renamed based on their respective new acronyms DMSPC, DPPA, DOS and DPO purchasing groups.


INTTRK-17242                       (31 Dec)

WO/CCBREQ#                       CCBREQ-6632, WO-RFS-1-6642110939


As part of the reorg reform initiative, DPI purchasing groups were updated to DGC purchasing groups including low value purchasing groups.


INTTRK-17153                       (28 Dec)

WO/CCBREQ#                       WO-IM-1-6547901836


New purchasing group for OCHA is now available: 883 - OCHA Procurement - ROAP