Launch of New Umoja Contributions Portal

On 29 July, a new Member States’ Contributions Portal was launched as part of the Umoja suite of applications.

The Member States’ Contributions Portal provides comprehensive and timely information about Member States’ contributions through a user-friendly interface that is also available on mobile devices.

It contains daily data from the United Nations financial system on the status of contributions assessed to the Member States. The portal reflects, for each Member State, the amounts assessed, paid and owed to the regular budget, peacekeeping operations and international tribunals.

Visibility of the status of their contributions to the UN budget is critically important for Member States, as well as to the work of many offices across the Secretariat. The ability to monitor the cash inflows is central to the UN’s management of its resources, especially during the liquidity crisis.

The original United Nations Status of Contributions (SoC) portal was launched in 2010, providing what was then a new tool to access information on the status of contributions online, updated based on daily receipts.  The Member States embraced the initiative, using it to remain informed of and able to respond to the ever-changing financial situation of the Organization.

Now, ten years later, the time has come for a portal refresh, in alignment with the Secretary-General’s commitment to Management Reform. The new portal utilizes Umoja technology and data, offering several features such as easy navigation, enhanced security and data visualizations with a modern look and feel.

The portal leverages Umoja Mobile technology, offering a seamless experience across all devices (laptops, tablets and mobile devices), allowing for future adaptability and expansion.

It marks the first time Member States will be accessing Umoja data online. It will pave the way for increasing access for Member States to Umoja data as part of the Secretary-General’s commitment to transparency and accountability.

The Contributions Section in the Controller’s Office ( will provide support for the new portal, which will continue to run in parallel with the legacy United Nations Status of Contributions (SoC) portal until the end of 2020.

Training for the Member States’ Contributions Portal is available on the iLearn Umoja site, in form of user-friendly video-based courses.

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