June 2017 Payroll Lock Schedule

Umoja Employee and Manager Self-Service functionalities will be momentarily unavailable due to the June 2017 payroll processing in Umoja. Additional information is available on iSeek.

For the month of June 2017, the following ESS/MSS freeze schedule will be in effect: 

  • NY based General Service (L1) and MINUSTAH based General Service (LF) staff pay areas: from Monday, 12 June at 5pm (NY time) to Friday, 16 June at 9am (NY time); 
  • International staff of Peacekeeping Missions and Special Political Missions (IF) on UNHQ payroll and MINUSTAH Uniformed Personnel (MA) pay areas: from Tuesday, 13 June at 5pm (NY time) to Tuesday, 20 June at 9am (NY time); 
  • NY based Professional and higher category & other staff (I1, SS, SC and SW) pay areas: from Thursday, 15 June at 5pm (NY time) to Thursday, 22 June at 9am (NY time).

Please refer to the table below for availability of ESS/MSS functionalities during the freeze:

* Only for leave starting after the current payroll month

Please feel free to contact the Umoja HDG at hdgsupport@un.org with any inquiries. 

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. 

Headquarters Deployment Group
United Nations
New York