If I am receiving a rental subsidy, what do I have to do when I renew my lease?

Starting 1 July 2014, Umoja will start to be deployed at various duty stations. If Umoja has not yet been deployed where you are located then you must follow the procedures currently in place. With Umoja, you manage your rental subsidy application, changes, and annual declaration through the system. Forms are not used but certain documentation is required. 1) For a new rental subsidy application or a revised application when there is a change in the rent, dwelling or family situation, Submit a new application as soon as you sign the lease and have all of the documentation. Submit a revised application for a change in rent, dwelling, or family situation no later than 30 days after the change has occurred. 1) Log in to the Umoja Employee Self Service Portal (ESS) 2) Select Entitlements 3) Click on ‘Check Entitlements Eligibility’ Do you have an HR question? Email unstaff-servingasone@un.org 11 June 2014, version1 Disclaimer: This is an advance copy and all links and references listed are not yet available 4) Select Rental Subsidy – Apply online IMPORTANT: You must retain all original documents for a period of five years starting from the date of the submission of the claim. 2) Annual Declaration when there is no change and your lease is still valid. Certify the information on file to receive continued payment of the subsidy. 1) Log in to the Umoja Employee Self Service Portal (ESS) 2) Select Life and Work Events 3) Select Work Events>Annual Declaration, then Rental Subsidy.