I experienced issues following Umoja roll out. I thought that robust procedures were in place to avoid this?

By and large, the conversion from the old system (IMIS) to Umoja was successful, with a minimum of the almost 900 Umoja-impacted OCHA staff experiencing any adverse effects. To the widest extent possible, OCHA processed administrative requests in advance of the roll out period, but as OCHA’s operational requirements continued unabated, offline procedures were activated during the blackout period and in the days immediately following Umoja roll out. In the majority of cases, staff were for example onboarded and travelled in accordance with submitted requests. At the same time, there were individual cases where the circumstances of the staff member tested the offline procedures beyond their resilience. While these instances caused inconvenience to the impacted staff, the cases were targeted for expedited action and urgently addressed. In the event that a staff member has experienced an issue that has not been reported to the local administrative focal point, any concerned staff should do so for immediate support.