How will staff be trained to use Umoja?

Umoja training delivery is aligned with the deployment of Umoja and uses the Train-the-Trainer approach in order to build local capacity for Umoja ongoing training and support.

  • Designated process experts will be trained by the Umoja Project Team and, in turn, these process experts/trainers will train end users and will be the ‘go-to’ persons in their respective business areas. 

  • On-site end user training will be scheduled six weeks prior to each Go-Live date. 

  • A key element of Umoja end user training is that it is role-based. Each role has a specific curriculum to follow and end users will participate in courses based on their Enterprise Role

All Staff

All UN Staff can review general Umoja training materials in the Training section of this website.

End Users

Training of Staff identified as Umoja end users will take place approximately 4-6 weeks before deployment at each location. End users (Staff Members who have been mapped to an official Enterprise Role in Umoja) will receive information on their roles, course requirements and course schedule ahead of time.

As with all staff, Umoja end users can view general Umoja training materials in the Training section of this website. However, in order to be certified in Umoja, Staff who have been identified as end users will need to attend training through inspira and through Instructor Led Training on-site.

Staff Members with specific Enterprise Roles in Umoja will need to complete all required courses in order to become certified users of Umoja.