Go-live event from Gao, Mali: Umoja Supply Chain Phase 1 (Galileo Decommissioning Project)

Please join us for a special Umoja Go-Live Event:
Supply Chain Phase 1 (Galileo Decommissioning Project)
Live from Gao, Mali


Wednesday 6 September 2017
08:00 New York | 12:00 Bamako and Gao
13:00 Bangui, Kinshasa | 14:00 Brindisi
15:00 Baghdad, El Fasher, Entebbe, Juba, Nairobi, Naqoura
16:30 Kabul


Where to Watch
Each mission, entity or location is encouraged to set up viewing locations.
It is recommended to invite all staff in Supply Chain and Service Delivery.
At UNHQ, please join us in Conference Room 8

Or watch the live webcast on UN WebTV: http://tinyurl.com/gdp-launch

Please contact gdp@un.org with any questions.

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