Get ready for Umoja Blackout and Role Freeze

Leading up to the Galileo Decommissioning Project (GDP) deployment, Umoja will undergo "blackout periods", during which Umoja will be unavailable to staff. Similarly, a Role Freeze will be applied to certain roles and transactions, disabling access to specific functions during these periods.

In preparation, the Department of Field Support has issued specific guidance and instructions to SPM and PK mission personnel; while OPPBA has also issued a detailed Umoja/GDP Blackout Role Freeze memo, available in iSeek.  

Staff are urged to be aware of these dates, and plan work accordingly. For easy reference, download the blackout flyer here.

Staff will not be able to perform any transactions in Umoja, including Finance, ESS/MSS, and Travel. Payroll will remain available to identified personnel.

  1. Saturday 19 August 2017 starting at 00:00 CET to Sunday 20 August 2017 at 23:59 CET (Friday 18 August from 6:00 pm to Sunday 20 August 5:59 pm NY Time). 
  2. Thursday 31 August 2017 starting at 00:00 CET to Monday 4 September 2017 at 23:59 CET (Wednesday 30 August 6:00 pm to Monday 4 September 5:59 pm NY Time). 

Role freeze affects all PKs and SPMs, as well as DFS staff receiving goods in Umoja on behalf of missions, and including HQ staff serving these missions:

  1. Currently in effect: from Friday 21 July 2017 at 23:59 CET to Monday 4 September at 23:59 CET (Friday 21 July from 5:59 pm to Monday 4 September 5:59 pm NY Time). All Goods Receipt activity for PK Missions and SPMs will be suspended in Umoja, however Service Entry Sheets are not affected, until the start of the second freeze.
  2. Saturday 19 August starting at 00:00 CET to Monday 4 September at 23:59 CET (Friday 18 August from 6:00 pm to Monday 4 September 5:59 pm NY Time). Freeze applies to specific Source to Acquire roles for users in PK/SPM entities:
  • SA.03 Source to Acquire Buyer
  • SA.06 Source to Acquire Buyer Supervisor
  • SA.08 Source to Acquire LVA
  • SA.09 Source to Acquire Bid Floor Admin
  • SA.16 Source to Acquire Approver Procurement