Reminder: Umoja unavailable from 30 August at 6pm until Monday 4 September 6pm (NY Time) - are you ready?

As previously announced, in an effort to finalize the transition of Galileo data, Umoja will be unavailable from Thursday 31 August 2017 at 00:00 CET until Monday 4 September 2017 at 23:59 CET (Wednesday 30 August 6:00 pm to Monday 4 September 5:59 pm NY Time) for a period of 5 days. 

During the transition, staff will not be able to perform transactions in Umoja including Finance, BI, Employee and Manager Self-Service, and Travel. Payroll will remain available to identified personnel.

Given the limitation to conduct transactions, staff are urged to plan their work accordingly.

Do you want to know more?

  1. Why are Umoja Blackouts necessary? We have put together a short infographic explaining why here
  2. Take a look at the Umoja Blackout flyer outlining the Umoja blackout dates as well as the role freeze in effect during the Galileo deployment.
  3. For detailed guidance, OPPBA’s official Umoja/GDP Blackout and Role Freeze memo posted in iSeek.

The Galileo Decommissioning Project (GDP), part of Phase 1 of Umoja Extension 2 (UE2), was launched to assist the UN Peacekeeping and Special Political Missions transition from their current inventory, property, and fleet management system (Galileo), to the UN’s enterprise resource management system (Umoja). Once the transition is complete on 5 September 2017, the Missions will use Umoja to manage all logistic and service delivery operations.  For more information and updates about GDP, visit the Field Support website.

For real-time updates, download the Umoja Companion App and follow us Facebook.  


In this interview, Ms. AnneMarie van den Berg shares her experience during the GDP process, provides an overview of post go-live activities including the ramp-up period, discusses her vision for Supply Chain and more.  Read the complete interview in the Umoja website or iSeek.

GDP go-live is almost here! As of 5 September 2017, all Peacekeeping and Special Political Missions will conduct their logistics, inventory, warehouse and property management in Umoja. To commemorate the occasion, the Go-Live event will take place in Gao, Mali on 6 September.

For the latest resources and information, visit the  Umoja DFS Field Support page. If you have any questions, please email the GDP Team at


Umoja Job Aids offer the most up-to-date guidance to successfully run transactions using Umoja. Please visit the Job Aids page often to ensure you are using the most recent version of any needed document.

Fixed Assets Management
New 4.3 Deleting Asset Master Records
Updated 2.3 Capitalization of options
Updated 4.1 Retirement of Asset
Updated 5.1 Asset Transfers
Updated 6. Impairment of Asset
Updated ZAA MASS TFR Template

Deleted Reference Table: Asset Retirement- Impairment Transfer (integrated in the relevant job aids)
Samples of Notifications relevant to Asset Accounting (integrated in the relevant job aids)

Financial Accounting
Updated 1.0 Overview of Umoja Inventory Accounting for FI Users
Updated 2.0 MAP Valuation Adjustments (MR21 MR22)


Are you interested in the latest enhancements to the Umoja solution? Visit the Umoja Release Notes page for the most recent system changes.