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15 June 2020

On 29 May, the Umoja team - in close collaboration with the Office of Programme Planning, Finance and Budget in the Department of Management Strategy, Policy and Compliance - deployed the Umoja Performance Dashboard for all entities across the UN Secretariat.

The Performance Dashboard is a key component of the Umoja Extension 2 Strategic Planning, Budgeting and Performance Management (SPPM) solution, combining strategic plan and programme performance with budget consumption and post incumbency data in a user-friendly interface.

22 April 2020

Organizational performance monitoring is now available in Umoja for Regular Budget operations.

28 February 2020

Umoja Mobile is now available to all UN Secretariat staff across the globe, including peacekeeping and special political missions, following the earlier deployments in 2019.  

Umoja Mobile delivers a personalized and simplified user experience. It can be used across all devices (mobile phones, tablets, notebooks and desktops).

Umoja Mobile allows staff to conduct the following functions without using Citrix (often referred to as the “Umoja Access Layer”):

24 January 2020

In December, Umoja deployed the Extension 2 Implementing Partner Management/Grantor Management module to all Secretariat entities which work with implementing partners or issue grants to an entity.

This implementation followed successful deployments to UNMAS, UNEP, and UN-Habitat in December 2018, and OCHA in November 2019.

The latest deployment included about 30 entities, including 12 peacekeeping and special political missions.

29 November 2019

Umoja offers a powerful platform for the Organization to manage all its resources with globally harmonized business processes.

In order to deliver a broad spectrum of functionalities and services, Umoja relies on a complex core infrastructure.

176 underlying instances of software, from SAP and other providers, make up the Umoja solution, running on 276 servers located in Valencia and Brindisi.

Umoja is accessed globally, anytime, from both inside and outside the UN network.

01 November 2019

The Umoja team in the Department of Management Strategy, Policy and Compliance (DMSPC) is pleased to announce the deployment of Umoja Mobile on 14 October at UN Headquarters in New York and offices away from Headquarters.

Umoja Mobile delivers a personalized and simplified user experience across all devices (mobile phones, tablets, notebooks and desktops).

13 August 2019

The Uniformed Capabilities Management (UCM) system is about to expand its scope with the launch of the second phase.  Additional functionalities now provide improved handling and oversight of MOUs within the system, as well as the processing of quarterly reimbursements and payments to Troop and Police Contributing Countries (T/PCCs) for Contingent Owned Equipment (COE). The system will now also be used for the processing and/or tracking of ad-hoc claims such for hostile damage to COE, death and disability.

18 July 2019

As part of the July payroll processing, specific Umoja Employee Self-Service functionalities will be unavailable during the dates listed below. 
For the month of July 2019, the following ESS/MSS freeze schedule will be in effect:

08 July 2019

The Umoja team in the Department of Management Strategy, Policy and Compliance (DMSPC) is excited to introduce Umoja Mobile, an enhanced SAP platform that is optimized to deliver a personalized and simplified user experience across all devices (desktops, tablets and mobile phones).

The user-centered design of the platform strives to provide an intuitive flow.

The first release of Umoja Mobile went live at the end of June with the following entities: 

14 June 2019

The Conference and Learning Centre at the United Nations Global Service Centre (UNGSC) in Brindisi is adopting the Meeting Participants Management (MPM) module, part of the Umoja Extension 2 Conference and Events Management solution.

The Meeting Participants Management module, accessible from any mobile device, supports online event registration for participants, provides easy access to important event documentation, and enables the creation of event webpages to streamline communications between event organizers and participants.


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