Uniformed Capabilities Management (UCM)


Reimbursements and payments to Troop and Police Contributing Countries (T/PCC) accounts for over 30% of the total annual peacekeeping budget. The Uniformed Capabilities Management  (UCM) solution lays the foundation for all future force management and planning related process improvements and technological upgrades.

What's New?

Traditionally, T/PCC processes were executed across multiple UN departments and divisions. UCM dramatically decreases manual tasks by providing well-structured data, expanded reporting functionalities and standardize processes. The changes result in more accurate and credible verification reports, inspections and calculations of payments, improving accountability, transparency and quality control for the Organization.

Who Uses UCM?

Military and Police Planners in UNHQ will be using UCM to plan for uniformed capabilities. The solution will also introduce several significant enhancements to the Electronic Contingent Owned Equipment system, positively impacting the work of Contingent Owned Equipment Units in DPKO-DFS field missions.

What's Next?

Implementation of Umoja Extension 2 is progressing with the December 2018 launch of the Reimbursements and Payments to T/PCC, the first module of UCM. UCM deployments will continue throughout 2019 and integrate additional system functionalities and enhancements.


“….The UCM solution supports the work of the Uniformed Capabilities Support Division in the Department of Operational Support, as envisioned in the Secretary-General’s management reform proposals. It is very rewarding to see the business come together in this way across duty stations to streamline processes and deliver solutions”

Ms. Beagle, Under-Secretary-General for Management Strategy, Policy and Compliance

“With the establishment of the new Uniformed Capabilities Support Division and the significant process improvements being introduced through UCM, we will be more adequately equipped to better serve the needs of troop and police contributing countries...”

- Mr. Atul Khare, Under-Secretary-General for Operational Support