Umoja Release Note: 01 May – 31 May 2019


Umoja Release Note # 2019-064
For the period 01 May – 31 May 2019

Umoja System Changes


CS > TV - Travel Management  

RFC-6200000329        (2 May)
External Reference        N/A
This is to fix the issue that user SSWAMY is missing privilege SELECT for TABLE SAPP1W.TCURT. 

RFC-6200000500        (13 May)
External Reference        WO-IM-1-7036202710
This is to fix the issue that the travel request was sent to EarthMed before sending for approval. Requests will not be sent if they are in draft.

RFC-6200000527        (20 May)
External Reference        WO-IM-1-7036202710
A new program is added to send the medical clearance notification to EarthMed for those trips that did not send it automatically.

RFC-6200000542        (21 May)
External Reference        WO-RFS-1-7044188092
The medical clearance interface is not being generated after submission for approval when a travel request is first saved as a draft and subsequently reopen using the "Edit" button in the traveler work center before submitting it. This ticket fixed the issue. 

RFC-6200000119        (23 May)
External Reference        WO-IM-1-6511353875
TPOs are receiving the error message: "End of official business: Date time hh:mm is outside of trip duration" during the amendment after Expense Report. This issue is now fixed. 

RFC-6100000122        (31 May)
External Reference        CCBREQ-6529
With this change, when 'Self-Ticket' is chosen it is mandatory for TPO to select the 'Class of service' in the estimated cost grid. Also, whenever SFT is involved, the document will go to TPO in the ER workflow (when added in the ER or if already approved in TR by TPO). 

RFC-6100000130        (31 May)
External Reference        CCBREQ-6700
A button is created to clear defaulted cost assignment when creating Travel Request. 

RFC-6100000204        (31 May)
External Reference        N/A
'ZZ" as a choice within the table for validating carriers in the estimated cost grid is now hidden.  The option for the user to write in zz is still allowed to not impact to documents already created that have used this choice.

RFC-6100000201        (31 May)
External Reference        N/A
Two more options are now available for justification code.  1. Amendment - No Ticket Cost Impact   2. Amendment - Ticket Cost Impact.  These selections are only available to the TPO when they are amending a trip that was originally submitted within the 21 days.  If the amendment takes place 21 days or less of travel, the system forces TPO to enter a reason.  If due to Amendment, these two selections are available to them.  Again, these options only appear for TPO selection when amending a trip - (not to all users).

CS > SD - Sales and Distribution

INTTRK-14182        (20 May)
External Reference        CCBREQ-5029
In support of the MDM Continuous Improvement initiative, Activity Type Set mass upload and update utility has been created. Activity Type Sets are used to group together Activity Types which will be connected with a Service Material. This upload utility will support the management of Services Delivery Master Data Maintenance to create, change or delete the Activity Type Sets in the specified format as required by the system and save a lot of manual work and reduce the effort involved in uploading/updating Activity Type Sets in mass, rather than on a one-by-one case. A custom T-Code, ZSD_SET_UPLOAD has been created to allow this program to be executed by Services Delivery user (SD.07).

FI > AP - Accounts Payable

RFC-6200000473        (5 May)
External Reference        RFS-1-6986970181
UNFICYP has requested two additional Payment Terms as noted below:
1)    15 days 7% discount, net 30; 2) 20 days 0.45% discount, net 30.
Currently, the last payment term configured in Umoja is Z075. These payment terms are now updated to Z076 & Z077.

FI > BD - Budget Formulation

RFC-6200000422        (10 May)
External Reference        N/A
This is to improve the BW Budget Formulation process chain. This change is when some process chain or meta chain fails, it is going to send a mail to BI team with all details regarding the issues. A distribution list is also created. 

RFC-6200000574        (21 May)
External Reference        N/A
This is to provide Transformation file for Data Manager package Loads.

RFC-6200000602        (23 May)
External Reference        N/A
This is a BPC Security request from PPBD, which is to add 60RMT to OIOS for Sub-Entity 08 and 14 plus PPBD for budget planning purposes.

RFC-6100000340        (28 May)
External Reference        N/A
1 dummy member is added to P_FUND to try to overwrite mode.

FI > FI – Finance Other

RFC-6100000227        (31 May)
External Reference        WO-RFS-1-6831139590
This is to include ZTV_POSTING_REPORT in the Technical Role is ZEDS:FI:GL:CMMN_DSP (parent).

RFC-6100000354        (31 May)
External Reference        WO-RFS-1-7055209235
New cash journal involves business area M031 is created and this request is to configure FI substitution rule to substitution business area M031 for cash journals.

FI > TR - Treasury and Cash Management 

INTTRK-16010        (2 May)
External Reference        WO-RFS-1-5966827750, WO-RFS-1-5796336727, WO-RFS-1-5966827826
With this update, three house banks were closed as requested by UNHQ Treasury: 
ARNA1 - ECLAC Contribution Account in currency ARS 
CLCL1 - ECLAC account in currency CLP 
FRSG1 - UNEP account in currency EUR

INTTRK-17560        (6 May)
External Reference        RFS-1-6768876338
With this update, house bank NEBI1 in XOF was closed as requested by UNHQ Treasury.

HR > BN - Benefits 

RFC-6200000458        (2 May)
External Reference        WO-IM-1-6988101900
The annual enrolment campaign date in V_T74HA is set to 1 July 2019 as requested by the Insurance Section.

HR > CT - Central Master Tables

RFC-6100000262        (2 May)
External Reference        N/A 
The Secretary General is not subject to the unified salary scale. To pay SG correctly in Umoja we had to configure his salary at the dependent rate due to a dependent child. On May 20, the child will turn 21 so we need to change the configuration to a single rate to pay him correctly.

RFC-6200000470        (2 May)
External Reference        WO-RFS-1-6982982851
This is to update Temporary classification for CO72 with an effective date prior to the date of the cEstablish temporary classification "B" for Santander de Quilichao, Colombia, retroactive 15 November 2018. 

HR > HR - Human Resources Other 

RFC-6200000511        (9 May)
External Reference        N/A 
This is to update local (NO and GS) salary scales for the Netherlands.

HR > PY - Payroll 

CD-7200000304        (29 May)
External Reference        WO-RFS-1-6961990117
A new staff member in Indonesia with valid Pay scales (NO-D/6) in Infotype 0008. Payroll simulations terminate with runtime error 'COMPUTE_BCD_OVERFLOW' because of overflow in arithmetical calculations. We are unable to process payroll for these staff members. This issue is now resolved. 

HR > TM - Time Management 

RFC-6200000286        (7 May)
External Reference        WO-IM-1-6513052377
This is to fix a wrong leave quota display. 

RFC-6200000424        (7 May)
External Reference        WO-RFS-1-6804564071
This is to change Sub Area Mapping of HC ID for Jowhar (SOMALIA) that is pending approval since 5 Mar 2019. And to change Mapping of D/S Subarea Jowhar HC ID from S0 to S2 as requested. 

RFC-6200000430        (8 May)
External Reference        WO-RFS-1-6985650795
This is to change two Work Schedules in US: PT60 and PT61 are updated to reflect the prorating of 60% part-time for
- Daily Working Hours
- Weekly Working Hours
- Weekly workdays
- Monthly working hours
- Annual Working Hours
out of the corresponding hours for 100%, full-time work

RFC-6200000468        (2 May)
External Reference        WO-RFS-1-6891911996; WO-RFS-1- 6885258851
This is to modify Holiday Calendar 2019 for UNMIL and modify Holiday Calendar 2019 for Bamako, Mali and add configure Floating Holiday quota.

RFC-6200000526        (21 May)
External Reference        WO-RFS-1-6833959357
This to incorporate all Work Orders received by HR Tier2 for changing Holiday Calendars. 

IN > BW - Business Warehouse 

RFC-6200000445        (21 May)
External Reference        N/A
This is to fix invalid characters in BW data load. 

RFC-6200000517        (24 May)
External Reference        N/A
Disabled logging of ZIT_REMARKS_DATA and ZPA0045_LOANS in P1E. 

RFC-6100000343        (24 May)
External Reference        N/A
New substantive data has been added by ESCAP. Following objects are transported into Production: 

IN > IN - Integrated Components Other 

RFC-6200000483        (23 May)
External Reference        RFS-1-6988602168
This is to update the Business Area M020 description per business requirement. 

IN > IN - Integrated Components Other 

RFC-6100000142        (13 May)
External Reference        N/A
New projects are added for DPPA 2019 portfolio, the following object is moved to production:

IN > SM - Solution Manager  

RFC-6200000194        (13 May)
External Reference        N/A
This is to add multiple Text Types for change documents for basis and other purposes. 

RFC-6200000396        (22 May)
External Reference        N/A
We noticed that the users are rejecting a request for a change instead of withdrawing a Change Document. Also, the Change Managers are not able to withdraw a Normal Change. This is to update the status profile and roles for that.

RFC-6200000423        (3 May)
External Reference        N/A
We identified some issues after SP8 was installed in SolMan Dev systems D2S. SAP has some notes which are applied to fix these issues.

RFC-6200000497        (5 May)
External Reference        N/A
We identified an issue with accessing System Recommendations. The issue is fixed by implementing the note 2712210 - SysRec7.2 customize the calculation of security notes for the unused subHR component. 

RFC-6200000501        (8 May)
External Reference        N/A
Roles are developed for System Recommendations so that users can be assigned.  

IN - IN > SY - Security 

RFC-6200000512        (21 May)
External Reference        N/A
This is for changing a number of HANA roles where as a result of SOS MAX ATT critical privileges need to be removed.
The identified roles are:

RFC-6200000528        (14 May)
External Reference        N/A
As we're in the middle of OIOS Audit and auditors often ask for tcodes and roles not assigned to them, it would be good to start with a standard SAP role and then add access as requested by auditors. This is to use standard SAP audit role SAP_CA_AUDITOR_SYSTEM as our baseline. 

PP > PG - Programme Management 

RFC-6100000072        (15 May)
External Reference        N/A
Due to a connectivity issue between HANA and GW, we currently had to fall back on maintaining the policy-making organs in a static JSON file. This means transport would be required to update the master data. Since we need to be able to react on user requests for additions to the Policy Making Organ lists, these are now moved to an oData service on BW, which can be maintained by a Fiori app. This is a simple CRUD application which allows the administrator to manage the list of policy-making organs. This can be as simple as a basic CRUD table. We should not allow for deletion of policy-making organs that have already been selected in SMA. Policymaking organ code should be disabled on edit, as it is used as a foreign key reference and shouldn't change.
RFC-6200000248        (2 May)
External Reference        N/A
This is to fix some bugs and some minor enhancement to DMA 1.1.8. 

RFC-6200000480        (8 May)
External Reference        N/A
Due to a slightly unfortunate timing issue, the SMA process owner provided an entirely new set of Policymaking Organs master data (table ZPGT_POLICYORGNS, used to create mandates in SMA), but a small amount of data has already been entered in production. NOTE: this data represents a simple list of mandates for a particular entity and is not transactional or consequential in any other way. In order to avoid loss of data due to mismatched IDs between existing data and the new master table, the following updates in production are required:
Existing Value -> New Value
ga -> GA
ecosoc -> ESC
seccouncil -> SC
unenvassembly -> UNEA
Approximately 40 rows are affected
Technical details:
ZZKEY = "policyMakingOrgan"
for the above rows, we need to replace the VALUE_LONG field. E.g. "ga" becomes "GA". This approach was validated as the correct way to resolve mismatches in the foreign keys.

RFC-6200000523        (14 May)
External Reference        N/A
This is SMA BRM Maintenance app bug fixes.

PP > PP - Programme and Project Management Other 

RFC-6100000195        (15 May)
External Reference        N/A
This is to create a simple Fiori CRUD app to maintain ZPGT_ENTITIES, for internal (Umoja) use only. ZGPT_ENTITIES is a key table used by SMA and PPM to identify entities used by each respective component, and by the Security team for SMA and PPM enterprise roles. Currently, there is no ability to properly maintain this table, it is either manually manipulated or refreshed/appended to by spreadsheet upload, which is messy, time-consuming and error-prone. We also expect to make more use of this table in the future, adding various entity-level indicators and mappings as business requirements evolve, and a proper app is essential for efficient table maintenance.

SC > LE - Logistics Execution 

RFC-6200000342        (9 May)
External Reference        WO-RFS-1-6885625821
This fix is to make the button "Save Layout" available in ALV grid output of report ZLEAUTOGPI. The new button will allow saving the variant of the selection screen in order to exclude from the output list the VGR material documents that cannot be longer processed.

RFC-6200000369        (10 May)
External Reference        CCBREQ-6474
This is an organization name change from ICTY and MICT to IRMCT. 

RFC-6200000434        (10 May)
External Reference        WO-IM-1-6988384310
STO Configuration related to shipping data is missing for plants YE20, YE21 and SY20.
This is preventing users to create outbound deliveries from approved STO documents (types ZSDS, ZBUD, ZNBD and ZINT) when above plants are the issuing plants. The system cannot determine the outbound delivery type due to a missing configuration. Now the outbound delivery can be created vs the STO document in the plants YE20, YE21 and SY20.

RFC-6200000466        (2 May)
External Reference        N/A
Customizing step "Default values for physical inventories" (TCode OMLK) in WM defines which data from physical inventory document should be printed out.
There are missing default values for following storage types:
WhN Stype Description
J01 008 UNITAD
U01 003 AW-KS-001
U02 003 BE-KS-001
U04 026 LB-KS-014
U04 027 LB-KS-015
U04 028 LB-KS-016
U04 029 LB-KS-017
U04 030 LB-KS-018
U07 003 KW-KS-001
U09 003 RU-KS-001
U10 003 TO-KS-001
U12 003 YA-KS-001
 The missing configuration is preventing users from printing the Inventory list (Transaction LI04) receiving error message "Default values for this storage type are not maintained". This ticket fixed the issue. 

SC > PM - Plant Maintenance 

INTTRK-15459        (16 May)
External Reference        CCBREQ-6207, RFS-1-5433819360
A modification has been introduced in Umoja to prevent the creation of new or duplicate Equipment (Equipment ID; equipment master record; Umoja serial no.) when returning equipment to inventory or during the inventory count process. 
Current Affected transactions and Movement Types: 
Inventory operations (MIGO) / Z01,Z43,Z21,202,222,262,552,554,556,Z12,Z13,Z41,Z45,Z47,Z66,Z67,ZK2, ZK4,ZO2,ZO4,ZW2,ZW4. 
WM Physical Inventory (ZLE_LI21) / 712,714,716,718. 
IM Physical Inventory (MI04, MI05) / 701,703,707 
With this change, the checkbox that enables auto creation has been "disabled". This means that the equipment records will need to be created and exist prior to the above processes and referenced within the return/inventory count document. 
Currently, users often overlook the step to identify the existing equipment records and enter that prior to a return to inventory. This has resulted in duplicate records in the systems. 
The change does not affect goods receipts to POs as this process will legitimately create new equipment records and STOs as the equipment is in transfer from another location.

RFC-6100000111        (14 May)
External Reference        CCBREQ-6062
This is the first release out of the two planned to move all the objects related to the modifications and additions to the GDP FG5 and FG6 reports defined in CCBREQ-6062.

SC > SA - Source to Acquire 

RFC-6100000163        (1 May)
External Reference        WO-RFS-1-6548208998
Created an SRM Utility for the purpose of identifying Rejected Shopping Cart line items where the FM pre-commitment still exists. Pre-commitments are normally released when a shopping cart line item is rejected. The utility can reprocess identified shopping carts in order to release the pre-commitment. 

RFC-6200000322        (9 May)
External Reference        WO-RFS-1-6907615092
Added 2 additional purchasing groups for OCHA procurement in Geneva. New Purchasing Group descriptions are as follows:
•    OCHA Procurement Unit – MENA.
•    OCHA Procurement Unit – WCA. 

RFC-6200000402        (9 May)
External Reference        WO-RFS-1-6885625821
Corrected an issue in SRM, impacting SRM RFx Documents - Print feature. For Solicitation Documents where the long text exceeded 256 characters, the text was truncated. The PDF file output was formatted with an additional line feed which resulted in the text not printing correctly. 

RFC-6200000487        (20 May)
External Reference        WO-RFS-1-6885625821
Added a new feature to SRM Documents – Long Text Fields. Enabled a feature to expand text boxes for Notes and Attachments (internal notes, supplier text, supplier remarks, etc) and to resize SRM Document field size when the browser is maximized. A new slider will allow the user to expand or contract text boxes to allow additional text to be visible. When the user resizes the screen, SRM fields will adjust to maintain field size.

SC > TM - Transportation Management  

RFC-6100000152        (13 May)
External Reference        N/A
Previously only the Freight Orders with a proof of delivery get closed in TM. If there are several stages such as pre-, main- and on-carriage only the on-carriage gets closed as this is the only FO with a POD.
The other FOs stay open and visible in TM/CCP. A Batch Program Utility is added to search "On-carriage" proof of the delivery event and closes all related Freight Orders.

RFC-6100000240        (13 May)
External Reference        WO-IM-1-6975680299
1. FRICEW F0031 - UNOE Land/Air: text refinements (UNOE SOW correction ITBS-3400000XXX Marc)
2. FRICEW F0038 - UNOE Sea: text refinements (UNOE SOW correction ITBS-3400000XXX Marc)
3. Amendments:
  (a) corrected e-rendering to e-tendering
  (b) added (per unit) for dimensions and weight in the cargo table 
  (c) SOW text is modified as per business requirement  

RFC-6200000135        (13 May)
External Reference        WO-RFS-1-6548208998
Users were unable to enter actual charges against rate amount. SAP note 2728363 - UI rendering issues in NWBC when using SAP Transportation Management is implemented and the unified rendering is updated.

RFC-6200000367        (20 May)
External Reference        WO-IM-1-6955041403
When a user is provisioned both TS.06 Production support role and TS.04 Master data roles of TM; the user has access to edit freight orders and other transactional data although the combination of roles should only give him display access to transaction data (edit only to master data because the user has master data role). Therefore, TS.04 TM Master data maintenance role ZTFS:TM:MD_MNT needs to be restricted to display only on transactional data when combined with other display roles. This change is now complete. 

RFC-6200000595        (30 May)
External Reference        WO-RFS-1-6548208998
E0180 closing Program could not be scheduled in the background from transaction SM36. This is now fixed.