A New Era in the Management of Uniformed Personnel

The next phase of the Uniformed Capabilities Management (UCM) system, part of the Umoja Extension 2 portfolio, has been implemented with the introduction of:

  • the Uniformed Strength Reporting (USR) module,

  • the Conduct and Discipline Cases (CDC) module, and

  • the Pending Adjustment module. 

The solution also includes enhanced Claims, Calculations and Payments modules, used to process personnel cost reimbursements.

“These system enhancements and the expansion of the solution’s user base to military and police officers in the field will further contribute to streamlining and the simplification of supply chain processes,” noted Christian Saunders, Assistant Secretary-General for Supply Chain Management.

“In addition,” he said, “we look forward to the planned digitization and automation of workflows, uniformed strength reporting integration with other enterprise applications, and additional functionalities which collectively, will not only modernize the management of uniformed capabilities, but also yield significant improvements of the entire supply chain operations.”

The new Uniformed Strength Reporting module introduces a standard reporting interface for all peacekeeping and special political missions to record the strength of all uniformed personnel categories, ranging from troop and police personnel deployed in formed units, experts on mission, staff officers, individual police officers, and National Support Element components.

The introduction of these functionalities replaces the diverse and outdated means of strength reporting that was previously used by field missions.

“The new component provides us with the ability to process calculations and claims related to personnel cost reimbursement,” said Michael Mulinge Kitivi, Director of Uniformed Capabilities Support Division (USCD). “It also allows the Department of Peace Operations to leverage this information for force generation planning, contingent contributions analysis, and public information.”

Sunitha Korithiwada, Director of Enterprise Resource Planning Solution Division (ERPSD), said: “This release completes the functionality defined under the Umoja Extension 2 scope of work and marks a major milestone for the Organization and the Umoja Project, enabled and symbolized by successful partnerships among ERPSD, DOS, and OICT teams.”

The Uniformed Capabilities Management system is a cross-departmental effort led by the Umoja Coordination Service and the Office of Information and Communications Technology (OICT) with the support of the Enterprise Resource Planning Solution Division.