Why can I not update my personal information?

There are a number of reasons why you may not be able to change/update your personal information:

  1. Umoja ESS/MSS lock due to payroll processing. Each month certain functions under the Self-Service portal will be locked for a few days to enable payroll processing. While the payroll lock is in effect, some ESS/MSS functions will have limited availability to prevent changes from negatively affecting the payroll process.  Likewise, HR Partners will not be able to take certain actions in the ERP Central Component (ECC) system. Once the payroll lock is lifted, changes can be processed. Please refer to the Monthly Payroll Lock document for more information.
  2. The request may still be in process with the HR partner. Please wait/ or contact the HR partner to process the request so it may be released for further editing.
  3. Technical reasons for which you need to raise an iNeed Self-Service ticket.