Umoja Release Note: 30 September 2018

Umoja Release Note # 2018-058
For the period 01 September – 30 September 2018

Umoja System Changes

CS: TV - Travel Management

INTTRK-16061 (21 September)
New functionality has been delivered to non-commercial Travel Processing Officers to enable them to cancel or partially cancel an approved non-commercial requests. 

INTTRK-15980 (21 September)
More information is included in the notification for travel agencies to improve ticketing services.

FI: AP - Accounts Payable 

INTTRK-16416 (21 September)
WO/CCBREQ# RFS-1-6262754031 & RFS-1-6262353101
For OHCHR, we have created the following 6 cash Journals: 
4 CJs for BA: S200, Fund: 32HCA 
CJ# (Currency) 
#5908 (EUR) 
#5909 (UAH) 
#5910 (RUB) 
#5911 (KGS) 

2 CJs for BA: S200, Fund: 32AHA 
CJ# (Currency) 
#5912 (GEL) 
#5913 (AZN)

INTTRK-16293 (7 September)
WO/CCBREQ# RFS-1-6259437974
For ITC, we have created Cash Journal #5907 (MMK). 

INTTRK-16277 (7 September)
WO/CCBREQ# RFS-1-6238561901
For OHCHR, we have created Cash Journal #5906 (GNF).

FI: AR - Accounts Receivable

INTTRK-16097 (28 September)
WO/CCBREQ# RFS-1-6145017151
The partner bank field has been added to the customer down payment clearing documents (doc type DA). This allows a refund to be paid for a down payment received from a customer (where the initial down payment was recognized using F-37).

FI: FA - Fixed Assets (Asset Accounting), FI: FM - Budget Implementation (Funds Mgmt)

INTTRK-16045 (7 September)
WO/CCBREQ# WO-IM-1-6011287663
Asset Transfers for STO with reference to Funds Commitments raised in prior Financial Year are now correctly consuming funds from related Funds Commitment, and not funds from current Financial Year. 

Adjustments have been made to Derivation Rules and underlying Programs which handle Financial Year substitution in Asset Accounting transactions, ensuring that referred Funds Commitment Documents determine funds consumption.

HR: SS - End User Service Delivery

INTTRK-16459 (28 September)
WO/CCBREQ# WO-IM-1-6344471967
The comments recorded in HR Off-cycle forms are now correctly populated into designated IT0267 only. Before the fix, the comments entered by the users into the last approved Off-cycle forms were overriding the comments previously populated in the other subtypes of infotype IT01267. 

INTTRK-16139 (7 September)
WO/CCBREQ# IM-1-5939395061; IM-1-5939395334
It was observed that the Entitlement Completed Items tab in the Approver Work Center was not returning any results. This fix now allows the HR partner to generate and view the approved entitlement requests by using the quick criteria maintenance button. For faster and narrower results, the HR Partner must always enter a specific date range in the “Completed on/to” fields.

HR: TM - Time Management

INTTRK-16388 (14 September)
WO/CCBREQ# WO-RFS-1-6233752529, WO-RFS-1-6287051011
2018 Holiday Calendar Changes for duty station in Brazil, Tunis and Libya. Calendar changes are completed, and work schedules are generated for them. 

INTTRK-16214 (7 September)
WO/CCBREQ# WO-RFS-1-6020352511
2018 Holiday Calendar Changes for duty station in Ismailia. Calendar changes are completed, and work schedules are generated for Juba, Baghdad, Khartoum, Jamman, Incheon City and Jerusalem. 

SC: PM - Plant Maintenance

INTTRK-15394 (21 September)
WO/CCBREQ# WO-RFS-1-5542088387, CCBREQ-5098
Settlement Rule on the service order is now automatically maintained for all funding sources (Cost Center, WBSE and Internal Order) without the SD Planner and Releaser having to go into the order to update the rule. Further, it will be updated if the Service Order is updated.

SC: SA - Source to Acquire

INTTRK-16274 (21 September)
WO/CCBREQ# WO-IM-1-6249715441
Retention rates is re-enabled to be available from Contract Documents in SRM.

INTTRK-15099 (28 September)
The calculation of standard costs applied to a Purchase Order's Assets and Inventory Items was updated to support different rates. The addition of an effective date allows for different standard costs to be defined. 

This change introduces new General Ledger Accounts for Assets (74201042) and Inventory (74201044) which replaces the existing General Ledger Account 74201040.