October 2017 | Umoja ESS/MSS Payroll Lock Schedule

As part of the October payroll processing, certain Umoja Employee and Manager Self-Service functionalities will be unavailable during the dates listed below. 
Additional information is available on iSeek.
For the month of October 2017, the following Umoja Payroll Lock Schedule will be in effect:
  • NY based General Service (L1), and MINUSTAH and MC based General Service (LF) staff pay areas: From Thursday, 12 October at 5pm (NY time) to Wednesday, 18 October at 9am (NY time); 
  • International staff of Peacekeeping Missions and Special Political Missions (IF) on UNHQ payroll and MINUSTAH and MC Uniformed Personnel (MA) pay areas: From Friday, 13 October at 5pm (NY time) to Friday, 20 October at 9am (NY time); 
  • NY based Professional and higher category & other staff (I1, SS, SC and SW) pay areas: From Tuesday, 17 October 5pm (NY time) to Tuesday, 24 October at 9am (NY time).
* Yes, but only for leave starting after the current payroll month. 
Please feel free to contact us at Umojapayroll@un.org with any inquiries. 
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. 
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